Kellan Lutz Is Totally Into Fashion, You Guys


Coming out to New York Fashion Week, I have so many friends in the fashion world, like Bernardo Rojo, who designs everything for Joseph Abboud. And Simon Spurr is a good friend, he’s over working with Tommy Hilfiger.

These guys just know how to make a great suit, make a great top. But now I have my own line, called Abbot + Main. that I created with Danny Guez. He has Dylan George denim jeans, and I have Abbot + Main tops. I’m the face of Abbot as well.

And there’s a Twilight fashion line that they sell at Target. They have Edward’s jacket and Bella’s jeans and Alice’s dresses. I remember doing a convention and hanging out with fans and they had a prom-queen dress from the line on. These girls are wearing the dresses that Alice wore in the movie! There’s a lot of really great jackets and pieces of clothing. It’s definitely a fashion-y series.

Twilight hunk/budding fashionista Kellan Lutz, to Queerty at the afterparty for Joseph Abboud’s show at New York Fashion Week