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Literally nobody is here for Kellyanne Conway’s latest b.s.

Kellyanne Conway
Kellyanne Conway (Photo: Gage Skidmore, licensed via CC by-S.A 2.0)

Kellyanne Conway, Sean Spicer, and a bunch of other Donald Trump loyalists found themselves in the news again yesterday. It turns out that they had been appointed during the Trump presidency to sit upon some military academy boards: positions they continued to hold.

President Joe Biden wrote to them all asking them to resign immediately or face being fired by 6pm yesterday.

Conway, an adviser to Donald Trump, and Spicer, a former press secretary, were among the most high-profile of the individuals who received the correspondence.

Jen Psaki, current press secretary, confirmed the news to reporters.

“The president’s objective is what any president’s objective is – to ensure you have nominees and people serving on these boards who are qualified to serve on them and who are aligned with your values. And so yes, that was an ask that was made.”

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The boards in question have a mix of members of Congress and presidential appointees. Members appointed by Barack Obama remained in place under the Trump administration.

Both Conway and Spicer were outraged by the demand and refused to resign.

Conway, in particular, has gone viral on Twitter after posting her letter of refusal. Firstly, her headed notepaper refers to her as “Honorable Kellyanne Conway”.

She says this is an attempt by Biden to “distract from a news cycle that has you mired in multiple self-inflicted crises and plummeting poll numbers,” and that it, “seems petty and political, if not personal”. She concluded, “I’m not resigning, but you should.”

This led to ‘Honorable’ and Conway both trending on Twitter and prompted almost 39,000 replies. Here are just some of the more popular ones.

Others dug up old Tweets and comments from Conway in which she promoted the authority of the (former) President.

After her tweet blew up, Conway seemed amused by the reaction and tweeted further faux concern for her critics, recommending Twitter users find themselves friends or reconsider their fashion choices.

“Since I’m not the Conway on Twitter regularly [husband George Conway is a prolific Tweeter], I’d forgotten how left-wing it is and how nutty some people are. LOLOL. I’m WORRIED for you. Get some fresh air, folks. Wear pants that button and zipper again. Get a hobby that doesn’t involve a keyboard. Make a friend.”

This just provoked another storm of reaction.

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Kellyanne Conway was appointed to the Board of Visitors of the United States Air Force Academy. Sean Spicer was on the advisory board of the US Naval Academy.

A graduate of the U.S. Naval War College and a commander in the US naval reserve, Spicer was particularly furious that Psaki should call into question whether he was qualified to serve.

Spicer went on Newsmax yesterday to say, “Each of us chooses how we’re going to serve this country. I won’t ever question how anyone chooses to do that. I won’t question how you choose to do that, Jen. But don’t you dare ever minimize or question my service to this nation. You got it?’

He also said he would pursue legal action if forced out from the academy board.

Others named by the White House who have been asked to step down include H.R. McMaster, Russ Vought, Heidi Stirrup, Michael Wynne, Jack Keane, Douglas Macgregor, Guy Swan III, Meaghan Mobbs, David Urban, Jonathan Hiler, John Coale, Anthony Parker and Joseph Walsh. It’s understood three have not been named.

Besides Conway and Spicer, others also indicated they would not resign. Former Office of Management and Budget Director Russell Vought took to Twitter to say he had a three-year term.