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Was Kellyanne Conway drunk on Fox News last night?

Mother of the year Kellyanne Conway took a break from fighting with her teenage daughter to make an appearance on Fox News last night, where she made some truly ridiculous remarks, even by her standards.

Speaking to Harris Faulkner, the walking Hatch Act violation could hardly keep her fake eyelashes on as she suggested that the reason President Biden’s poll numbers have been slipping is because people are upset with him about… Donald Trump‘s second impeachment?

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“The center has fallen out for him,” Conway said. “Those people in the center who said he was going to unify, he’s going to be bipartisan. Do you realize the most bipartisan action the Biden administration has taken, the most interested they’ve been in reaching out across the aisle and getting Republican votes, was impeachment?”

“That tells you all you need to know about how they are fueling the divisions that are in this country,” she added.

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Seriously? Was Kellyanne drunk when she came up with that argument?

Trump’s second impeachment happened on January 13, 2021, over a week before Biden took office. Also, since becoming President of the United States, Biden has passed numerous pieces of legislation with bipartisan support. He just signed a bipartisan infrastructure bill that garnered the signatures of 19 Republican senators.

Watch. Or don’t. 

Conway is currently one of 13 former Trump administration officials who is being investigated for violating the Hatch Act, according to a 60-page report released by the U.S. Office of Special Counsel last month.

Now, some tweets…

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