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Kellyanne Conway gives deeply creepy exit interview as her daughter crowdfunds for emancipation

Kellyanne Conway is officially done with the Trump administration, having left her post as White House Senior Counselor on August 31 to concentrate on her crumbling marriage “family matters.”

On her way out, Conway sat down with Jennifer Palmieri on Showtime’s “The Circus” to talk about her time working as the nation’s chief propagandist and it was deeply creepy, to say the least.

The dark and dimply lit interview was set to ominous music and featured Conway at her best (which is to say, her worst), spinning false narratives and twisting words as only a professional gaslighter can.

At one point, Conway talks about “undercover voters” who she believes will crawl out from the sewers on November 3 to reelect Donald Trump, who she says, without any hint of irony, always keeps his word and keeps his promises.

At another point, she accuses Democrats of using a “once-in-a-century tragedy” to try and win an election, saying, “Isn’t it so sad that they see political opportunism in a pandemic? We don’t.”

And at another point, when asked if the Trump campaign “welcomes unrest,” Conway, looking absolutely shocked and offended, replies, “Welcome unrest? Of course not! Of course it concerns me! We don’t want our country divided.”

The interview is quite… something.


Meanwhile, Kellyanne’s 15-year-old daughter, Claudia, who has publicly butted heads with her mother in recent months, has begun crowdfunding on Vemno in an effort to emancipate herself from her parents, who she says are toxic and abusive.

Insider reports:

Conway’s supporters are flooding the 15-year-old’s Venmo account with payments and words of encouragement

Conway’s Venmo account, which is listed in her TikTok bio, has received dozens of public payments since early August.

Several Venmo users have made the intent of their contributions clear, labeling their payments “emancipation,” “emancipation fund,” and ” the ‘we gonna get u outta there’ fund.”

Over the past several months, Claudia has used TikTok to voice her support for Black Lives Matter and criticize both Trump and her mother, as well as broadcast problems in her family, including her parents’ marital issues and alleging that she is the victim of emotional and physical abuse.

She recently announced she was “taking a mental health break from social media” and asked people not to hate her parents.

Too late for that.

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