No take-backs

Kellyanne Conway ripped over Tweet that clearly didn’t age well

Remember when “Hillary’s emails” were the nation’s biggest buzz words?

Kellyane Conway surely does — it was practically written in her job description to bring them up at any and every opportunity ahead of the election.

And that includes one Tweet that sure looks odd some five months after she fired it off.

Shortly before the election when James Comey, the FBI director, controversially announced a new batch of Hill’s emails were being investigated, Conway Tweeted:


Well what we’ve learned this week is that the FBI has been investigating the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia since July of last year, and is continuing to do so. And now that those ties seem to be growing ever stronger, including today’s allegations that a Trump aide laundered money from a pro-Moscow party, those emails sure are feeling like a whole lot of nothing.

The irony was not lost on Twitter, naturally: