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Kellyanne Conway says it’s none of anyone’s business where absentee First Lady Melania Trump lives

Despite the fact that the First Lady is currently suing the Daily Mail for $150 million over an article it published last year, Kellyanne Conway went on TV last  weekend to insist Melania Trump couldn’t care less what people say or think about her.

“I so admire the fact that Melania Trump, our first lady, is so comfortable in her own skin that she doesn’t have to disprove anybody’s negative stories or even positive stories,” Kellyanne gushed to MediaBuzz on Sunday.

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When asked about reports that Melania doesn’t ever plan on moving into the White House, Kellyanne called the rumors “nonsense” and said it was none of anyone’s business.

Did you catch that, Americans? Where the First Lady of the United States resides is none of your concern, even if you’re the ones footing the daily $1 million bill for it. So shut up!

Kellyanne also showered Melania with a flood of hollow compliments, including calling her “beautiful inside and out,” “a successful entrepreneur,” “a loving and supportive wife and mother,” and “a great friend and great role model.” Then she said she would perform her role as First Lady with “dignity and class and elegance and eloquence.”

“She doesn’t call attention to herself,” Kellyanne blabbered on about the former swimsuit model, “and I think people can’t stand that.”

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Afterwards, she followed up the interview with a tweet, reaffirming everything she said on television:

Given Kellyanne’s track record when it comes to stating alternative facts, we think it’s probably safe to assume that the exact opposite of whatever she says is true.

We also can’t help but wonder who she pissed off, Donald or Melania, that made her dote so publicly on the absentee First Lady.

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