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Kellyanne Conway used flash cards during her Sean Hannity interview — and the memes are amazing

Kellyanne Conway thought it would be cute to bring flashcards to her Sean Hannity interview; a showy gimmick “to help all the people at home” and to “just have some fun with words.”

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“I’m gonna buy you a whiteboard,” Sean Hannity joked.

It’s all very cringe-inducing, as you can see below:


If any good came out of the interview at all, it’s in the avalanche of memes that resulted from the appearance:

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    • Nahald

      I presume she thinks that as a reward for sticking up for Trump he’s going to leave her something in the will.

  • BigWill

    Dearest Fake Biracial Bisexual…I mean Mo: For someone who finds the site so contemptible and beneath him (if, in fact, you are even a “him”) you sure are camped out here a lot. Hmm, what’s that definition of insanity again…

    Being a Trumpie is publicly admitting to everyone that you’re a total imbecile, a gullible sap, a sad-sack pea-brained dolt so far removed from reality that you might as well be an animated cartoon. Remember how Charlie Brown’s teacher’s voice was just muffled trombone noises? Trumpies are the same way except their voices sound like Cheeto and lite-beer-generated flatulence.

  • Alexis

    We all know that Mo Bro is a closet case (or just a Troll). If you’re not satisfied with Queerty’s agenda, please set up your own conservative/GOP gay website. I am keen to see your stories and the audience that your attract. I hear the slogan ‘fair and balance’ is available….

    • Alexis

      The one that satirizes hypocrisy, especially from a party that claims to preach morals and high values..where we know that they clearly lie or in denial. Since reasoning with the GOP or the Trump administration doesn’t work, perhaps a little bit of comedy and humor will help.

  • Terrycloth

    TV shows have her on less as less ..some refuse to have this blonde airhead on at all
    She just makes everything so much worse everyone she opens her pie hole

  • gwwhouston

    “political activities characterized by artful and often dishonest practices”
    This is one definition of “politics”. The ability to make sense of it all and pass on our, GLBTQ, perspective, is paramount. If we let such hogwash notions that Trump et. al. are dishing out slide by, then we will lose many accomplishments that we have gained over the many years. We will not let this happen.

    • Nahald

      So I presume you want to toss a monkey wrench into Trump’s plan to turn our country into a Fascist Dictatorship ? You are going to upset his minions aka The Trumpettes.

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