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Kellyanne Conway’s book bombs with 93% sales drop and 50% markdown just three weeks after release

Despite being paid several million dollars for the manuscript, Kellyanne Conway‘s new memoir is officially a bookstore bomb just three weeks after its release.

Here’s The Deal saw a 93% drop in second week sales, moving roughly 9,000 copies, compared to 25,000 copies the week before, according to NPD Book Scan. Week three sales have not yet been reported, but are expected to be even worse.

Despite the fact that virtually nobody is buying what Kellyanne’s selling, the former White House propagandist is honoring her contract by continuing to do promotion anyway. This week, she sat down with Christian Broadcasting Network for a truly nauseating interview.

Speaking to CBN’s Jenna Browder, Conway once again admitted that Donald Trump lost the 2020 election, despite his repeated claims to the contrary.

“I think people told Donald Trump he was going to win in a landslide–and frankly he should have, between his policy accomplishments, his Democratic opponents–there was so much working against him, though,” she said.

“He couldn’t do the rallies because of COVID, he couldn’t campaign the way he was used to, the way people loved to see him campaign and get out there and really mix it up with the folks.”

We’re pretty sure it’s not the fun rallies, or lack thereof, that cost Trump the election, but whatever.

When asked about her husband, George Conway, who was an outspoken critic of Trump throughout his failed one term presidency, Conway said his repeated attacks on her boss were “very tough.”

“It was very tough,” she explained. “Very tough on me. Tough on our kids. Tough on our loved ones. No one literally knew what was happening. They had never experienced anything like that. I certainly hadn’t.”

“He took a vow with me to love, honor, and cherish, and I think included in that is to try to support your spouse’s career.”

Never mind the vow she took to love, honor, cherish, and support him.

Things get especially gross a little later in the interview when Conway started talking about how God has a plan for her and that anyone who opposes her is basically opposing God.

“God had his hand in guiding everything and God had a plan for me from the very beginning so even when it looked like the road was bumpy or blockaded, that he had a plan for me,” she said.

“And I like to tell people now, particularly my own children, but really kids on college campuses, most of all, don’t forget in this woke, slanderous culture, that whoever God made, no man or woman can cancel.”

On the contrary, people seem to be doing a pretty good job canceling Kellyanne’s book. As of today, Here’s the Deal is #1,713 in Amazon’s Kindle store after being discounted 50%.

Watch Kellyanne’s nauseating CBN interview below. Or don’t.

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