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Kellyanne Conway’s daughter is burying Ted Cruz in the polls (well, sort of)

Claudia Conway and Ted Cruz.

This week, Kellyanne Conway‘s progressive daughter Claudia took some hilarious, tongue-in-cheek polls for right-wing figures like Ted Cruz, Tucker Carlson, and Marjorie Taylor Greene. Their chances aren’t looking good.

Claudia has been known for posting from behind enemy lines. A trip through her social pages throughout the past few years has yielded everything from serious exposé videos on her parents to nonsensical memes (and even her own coming out video).

She’s pulled in thousands of votes over on Twitter in the past couple days as she hit the audience with the difficult, yet necessary political questions.

The first? Whether Ted Cruz or the green M&M would win in a fight:

In a landslide of over 98%, the green M&M is the favorite to kick his a**.

Tucker Carlson got it next, though this time it was less violent and more embarrassing. This poll saw the empty-headed commentator up against, of all things, Clifford the Big Red Dog.

The prompt is, “Who would win in a dance battle?”:

Considering the fact that Tucker Carlson couldn’t out-dance a pile of sticks, this one’s not too shocking.

In a hard-hitting poll that’s still ongoing at time of writing, the influencer has put Marjorie Taylor Greene up against a figure who’s face his own bit of controversy in recent years.

Folks are being asked whether the loudmouth louse herself could win a race against Harry Potter:

Are these polls silly? Absolutely. Is it fun to see these folks losing at every possible opportunity? Again, absolutely.

Whether you think these joking polls are hilarious or unforgivably vapid, it’s never a bad time to exercise your right to vote!