One Man's Insane Mission: The Video

Ken Hutcherson’s A “Nightmare”

Crazed preacher man Ken Hutcherson told Microsoft shareholders he’s going to be their “nightmare” if they don’t stop supporting gay rights. He also rambles on about meeting with Microsoft’s diversity team and something about CEO Steve Barnell. It doesn’t make sense. Here’s what we hear in this Good As You provided video:

Do you know that the The reason this firestorm is coming is because I came to Brad Smith and Stephen [Inaudible], who works in diversity, we have worked out a plan to work together to improve our community…and Steve Barnell, the CEO, stood and called me a liar, thus we are putting together one of the largest, one of the most powerful groups to come to deal with Microsoft on issues that we believe is hurting our society. And the reason why we are excited about this is because we know that we have the power behind us.

Yes, that “power” you spoke of before – that “whole host of powerful white people”. Note that the rich white Microsoft Chief Financial Officer Chris Liddell didn’t look that impressed.