Ken Mehlman Has Not Had Sex With Anyone, Ever

People were suspicious of Mehlman’s sexuality for years. Who knew? The people who “knew” are the people who Ken had sex with. But Ken says he had sex with no one, and told no one, because he didn’t want to tell anyone, because he was uncomfortable with that part of his life. I don’t doubt that Bill Maher thought that Ken was gay, but how could he know? I haven’t found a single person who says that Ken outed himself to them earlier. I’ve found several people — including reporters who asked him — who Ken lied to about his sexual orientation. Gaydar exists. It’s possible, and probable, that many gay people (and straight people) pegged Ken as gay before Ken was willing to face up to the fact himself. But that’s a far cry from saying that anyone “knew” anything and covered it up. If I outed everyone I suspected was gay, I’d be a bad person, firstly, and very very busy, secondly.

The Atlantic‘s Marc Ambinder on the sex life of his interview subject [via]