Ken Mehlman Has Not Had Sex With Anyone, Ever

People were suspicious of Mehlman’s sexuality for years. Who knew? The people who “knew” are the people who Ken had sex with. But Ken says he had sex with no one, and told no one, because he didn’t want to tell anyone, because he was uncomfortable with that part of his life. I don’t doubt that Bill Maher thought that Ken was gay, but how could he know? I haven’t found a single person who says that Ken outed himself to them earlier. I’ve found several people — including reporters who asked him — who Ken lied to about his sexual orientation. Gaydar exists. It’s possible, and probable, that many gay people (and straight people) pegged Ken as gay before Ken was willing to face up to the fact himself. But that’s a far cry from saying that anyone “knew” anything and covered it up. If I outed everyone I suspected was gay, I’d be a bad person, firstly, and very very busy, secondly.

The Atlantic‘s Marc Ambinder on the sex life of his interview subject [via]

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  • Cam

    Apparently he hasn’t been asking any of the retired call boys in DC.




  • Sam

    Okay, so all the gay masseurs who “assisted” Mehlman need to come on out, Haggard style.

    Also – still in shock that Mehlman purchased a home in Chelsea for 3.7 million dollars. That’s blood money for as far as I’m concerned.

    Chelsea needs to stand up and blacklist this dood.

  • Ted B.

    Yet Harry Hay…a suspected pedophile, acknowledged Communist and Stalin-era domestic covert-agent of the NKVD/KGB…is a “gay hero”. The Gay Left needs to more-closely examine it’s own history before it starts to chuck rocks at others.

  • Ben

    Mehlman is evil and despicable. I hope nobody ever DOES have sex with him.

  • unclemike

    Ted B, you have a rich fantasy life.

  • Joe

    @Ted B.: Just because you blew Mehlman, doesn’t mean we can’t criticize him

  • Rick Brannon

    For never having had sex with anyone, Ken Mehlman sure has fucked lots of people.

  • Nick

    @Ted B.: Harry Hay was sidelined by the “gay left” early on.

  • Ted B.

    Harry Hay may have been sidelined…but it doesn’t prevent the Gay Left to credit him as a “pioneer” of the G/L movement…all the while he was a defacto-traitor to his country.

  • Ms. Jimmi

    Oh! that lying queen!

  • Bob

    He’s a virgin?????? How pathetic is that? He sacrificed a lifetime of happiness for greed and power.

  • Republican

    I seriously doubt this.

  • Cam

    @Ted B.: Hey Ted, Nice try, using a well known deflection technique. Stick to the subject at hand why don’t you? Or is that not what Mehlman is paying his interns to do these days?

  • Phil

    @Bob: You’d be surprised how much more attractive money and power is compared to vapid, shallow muscle queens.

  • Gary B.

    The 40 Year Old Gay Virgin?

    Hmmmm, somehow I doubt this one…

  • Gary B.

    BTW, the 40 Year Old Gay Virgin wouldn’t collect action figures like Steve Carell’s character. He probably has his house filled with Barbie and Ken dolls (in their original packaging) and a large collection of 1st edition Nancy Drew mysteries.

  • rrr

    @Ted B.: As an early activist and organizer he automatically IS a pioneer in the G/L movement. That’s just a fact, not a matter of right or left or of whether you or anyone else approves of his politics or associations with NAMBLA. And actually wingnuts on the right wing have dubbed him more than a pioneer: “Another figure active in the CCDS was
    Harry Hay, the former Communist Party member who founded the gay rights movement.” .

    Hay was a Marxist, which was his right if he wanted to, and got called before committee during the ugly McCarthy communist witch hunt fever. I personally haven’t seen any determination he was in the KGB, and I suspect you are relying on right wing blogs that just make up hateful shit about gays for that one.

  • dave

    Yikes! Geez Ken, really?!? If this is true, which I personally doubt, it explains why your head and heart were so clogged with hate and intolerance.

  • Kevin

    Watersports with Jim Gannon/Jeff Guckert doesn’t count as sex? Who knew?

  • Gary B.

    Later on it will come out that he doesn’t consider blow jobs sex. Hey it kinda almost didn’t really work for Clinton!

  • mk

    @Ted B.: The gay left isn’t going around celebrating Harry Hay. Calling him a pioneer is just an unavoidable factual label considering HH’s activities in the early gay right movement. Sources on the right have called him things like a pioneer and foundation for the gay rights movement. Right wing sources play up Hay’s involvement more than the left usually because dwelling on his connections help them villainize us and stir up hatred against gays and the gay movement.

  • rrr

    Please, someone who’s fucked this guy come forward to call bullshit. I know it will be embarrassing to admit you had sex with this weasel, but take one for the team.

    I saw a commenter on gawker say they’d been to Harvard with Ken and Ken had boyfriends back then. There has to be a lot of guys who expose him as the liar he is.


    No Fair Queerts!! For those of you who think I may have lost my mind with post #2 up above, when I posted that the entire quote in the thread was in the annoying type layout

    Now they reposted it with a normal layout……….

    @Kevin: Hmmm, now you gots me thinking. All this time I thought Jim Gannon/Jeff Guckert had been stopping by the White House for trysts with Karl Rove….. :p

  • pete

    @rrr: LOL. Yeah, take it on the chin. Literally.

  • billboard size

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: “normal layout” ??! For who, Readers Digest LARGE PRINT subscribers?

  • B

    No. 22 · rrr wrote, “Please, someone who’s fucked this guy come forward to call bullshit. I know it will be embarrassing to admit you had sex with this weasel, but take one for the team.”

    You know, he could be telling the truth, and even if he went out with guys while in college, that doesn’t mean they had sex – he may have treated it as going out to dinner with friends.

    If he’s a 40 year old virgin, check for asymmetric forearm development, or at least joke about it!

  • pfitzner

    @Sam: Doesn’t he know how much plastic surgery 3.7 million buys?

  • Sceth

    Erm – When he came out he said that he’d never been comfortable with being gay. Every word of the highlighted text was expected as soon as he said that. This one really isn’t news.

  • Steve

    There are actually some old gay virgins in the world. Most of them are Catholic priests.

    Gay Evangelical preachers, as we all know, do not take any vow of celibacy. And, of course, they are not celibate. Every few months, it seems, one of them gets caught lying, stealing, or screwing boys.

    Republican campaign managers as a group strike me as being more like Evangelical preachers than like Catholic priests. Lets see — lying, hypocritical, deceptive, manipulative — yep, the adjectives all seem to fit.

  • GreenmanTN

    In the wise words of many a gay man, “Bitch, please!”

    I don’t believe this for a second. What I *DO* believe is that Ken Mehlman very much wants to avoid questions about how a sexually active gay man (even if he hadn’t announced it yet) could be one of the architects of the most homophobic political campaign in recent memory.

    But for the sake of argument let’s assume it’s true. It’s STILL not an excuse. I realize the concept of “empathy” is foreign to most Republicans but, believe it or not, you don’t actually have to be a member of a group in order to recognize unfairness or discrimination against them. Does someone (oh, Ken Mehlman for instance) have to be a member of a minority before they can see bias? That’s one of the huge blind-spots in Republican politics and doctrine, their utter blindness and insensitivity to situations which don’t effect them personally. It’s a real problem.

    If Dick Cheney’s daughter Mary weren’t a lesbian do you really think he would have spoken out in support of gay marriage? Not only no, but HELL NO! If it weren’t for Mary Cheney (and I’m no fan of hers), Dick Cheney would be the same nearly-demonic asshole about gay rights as he is on every other topic under the sun. It only has meaning to him because it effects himself and his family and without it he would be just as blind on this issue as he is on any other.

    Ken Mehlman, like the vast majority of Republicans, stands for self-interest without limits. Somehow his “coming out” is beneficial for him personally or he wouldn’t have done it. We just don’t know all the angles yet.

  • Vo Dong Cung

    I do not trust this gay, by his voice, in his hands there are milion hopeless LGBT people.

    I feel his is using the Republican’s plan to split LGBT into two groups: Damocrat LGBT and Republic LGBT.

    If he and Ashburn refuse the heterosexuality they must also turn their back to Republicans.

  • ewe

    Gee, i never would go around advertising the fact how much i have masturbated in my life but that’s just me obviously.

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