Ken Mehlman: The Sad Gay Republican Still Donating To Anti-Gay Candidates

A thousand bucks to candidate Ben Quayle, who doesn’t believe in same-sex marriage. Sen. John McCain received $2,400; he doesn’t want to let gays serve this country openly. Utah Republican Sen. Robert Bennett snatched up $2,400 for trying to keep Washington D.C.’s gays from getting marriage equality. The list goes on and on, all thanks to the newly out former RNC chairman and George W. campaign manager Ken Mehlman, whose millions in fees have all made him prosperous enough to donate cash to elect conservative candidates who want nothing more than to keep discrimination alive.

Does raising a million dollars, and plans to raise more, for the American Foundation for Equal Rights offset Mehlman’s anti-gay fundraising? Nope. It just makes it look more sad. And it makes the gays who are accepting his cash look like fools.