Ken Mehlman: The Sad Gay Republican Still Donating To Anti-Gay Candidates

A thousand bucks to candidate Ben Quayle, who doesn’t believe in same-sex marriage. Sen. John McCain received $2,400; he doesn’t want to let gays serve this country openly. Utah Republican Sen. Robert Bennett snatched up $2,400 for trying to keep Washington D.C.’s gays from getting marriage equality. The list goes on and on, all thanks to the newly out former RNC chairman and George W. campaign manager Ken Mehlman, whose millions in fees have all made him prosperous enough to donate cash to elect conservative candidates who want nothing more than to keep discrimination alive.

Does raising a million dollars, and plans to raise more, for the American Foundation for Equal Rights offset Mehlman’s anti-gay fundraising? Nope. It just makes it look more sad. And it makes the gays who are accepting his cash look like fools.

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  • Rick Brannon

    Hey Ken!

    There is a special place in hell reserved for people such as yourself.

    Love Ya!


    Again, he allegedly only “came out” to get in front of a major revelation of concrete evidence of his participating in some pretty kinky and raunchy practices. He is simply attempting to salvage any kind of a career he may have in a more liberal area. He has supposdly gotten the word that he is done with national politics. His sudden overwhelming feeling of Gayness is nothing more than damage control……

    And I am suprised Queerty hasn’t posted info on Ben Quayle and his writing under the name of star of Boogie Nights for a explicit website three years ago…Use the googles and input “Ben Quayle scandal” and you will get the 411. Yet another repugnatican with “non traditional values” who gets his rocks off, is discovered denies the crap out of it and then is forced to admit he did it…………..

  • Enron

    I told you, closet gays, the gay communities worst enemy.

  • andy

    What’s nice in the modern age is that we have all this footage of him doing his work for the republican party that will be used in the inevitable PBS FrontLine series about the politics of the Gay Civil Rights Movement. He will go down in History as a traitor. Like Benedict Arnold his name will come to signify the lowest of the low.

  • Martin Murray

    He is an evil scumbag

  • robert

    Isn’t it simply the consequence of one of the great contradictions of our time: you can’t be both queer and a political conservative – and by that I don’t mean just personally but holding a high position in politically conservative circles.

  • Cam

    I love how he keeps saying there is a place in the GOP for gays….yeah, apparently there is, if you hide the fact that you are gay and work against gay rights.

    This guy is pathetic. Still donating to anti-gay candidates? Now that he has supposedly “Accepted” himself, that fact just makes him evil.

  • Jon B

    I disagree with Queerty about one thing. He needs to start donating more – and exclusively – to gay rights organizations and pro-gay rights candidates. He needs to lobby his “friends” on the right and bring them over to our side on our issues. Failing to devote himself ceaselessly to gay causes as an ammends for his past actions will render him outcasts to both parties/sides. We’ll have no use for him nor will the Republicans.

    I would also like to say that anyone who sleeps with this guy… even a gay rent-boy… should be banished from the community. I hate when conservatives think they can fight against us for years all the while sucking cock on the side. No cock for you Kenny M… not until you’ve made ammends.

  • Mark

    Pathetic! What a messed up human being. Beyond sad.

  • Mark

    He should team up with the folks at Target.

  • Schteve

    Heaven forbid people be more than single-issue voters. You do realize that he agrees with those Republican candidates on more issues than he does with all those crazy same-sex marriage Democrats, right?

  • [email protected]

    from one point of view usa is one of the most tolerant countries all over the world. it is very strange that there is some agression against gays on goverment level.

  • a

    we cannot let this guy into our community. Chelsea im talking to you

  • GOProud Tea Party Homocon

    @a: Build a fence, LOL!

  • Queer Supremacist

    @[email protected]: Oh yes, we’re always been tolerant. Like the way we appreciated those African immigrants who selflessly gave up their freedom to grow plants in the dirt for white trash. Like the way we thoughtfully tried to warn Jews and the Irish about taking jobs that they’d hate by pointing out in advance that they “need[ed] not apply.” And think of all the money in country club fees we saved them! And wasn’t it nice of Bull Connor to turn the hose on all those black activists who were undoubtedly hot during their protests. I’m sure it’s because he didn’t want them to die of heatstroke.

    @Schteve: He didn’t merely disagree with the lefties here about the role of government in the economy or the defense policy. He was the fucking architect of a calculated hate campaign against ALL OF US, regardless of whether we are Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Greens, Communists, etc.


  • Bill Perdue

    Here’s another hate campaigner, this time a racist piglet:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.
    @Bill Perdue: There are no “Palestinians”. Just Arab land robbers.
    You’re nothing but an Arabist pig defending filthy genocidal homophobic Muslim camel fuckers, while perseverating discredited Stalinist tropes like a severely autistic parrot.
    There is no ethnic cleansing in “Palestine” because there is no “Palestine”, and they keep breeding like rabbits. It’s the worst attempt at ethnic cleansing I’ve ever seen. But because of their genocidal anti-semitism and homophobia, they would deserve it if there were.
    Take your pro-Muslim blood libel elsewhere or I will report your IP address to the FBI for treasonous activity. The land of Israel belongs to the Jews, including the parts illegally occupied by goyische breeder terrorists. They have more of a right to exist than the United States, which is built on land stolen from Indians. This whole continent’s history is one sordid hate crime after another including its settling by slimy limey goyim who killed all the so-called “Native American” ancestors who crossed the Bering Land Bridge millennia ago (and probably killed the real indigenous peoples). This country may have been founded on the concept of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, but the majority of the presidents have tried to impede that in some way, especially the smarmy prick currently occupying the Oval Office. George Washington was a slave owning cracker. Thomas Jefferson struggled with the slave question while committing heterosexual hate crimes against Sally Hemmings (I consider all heterosexual sex acts rape). Abe Lincoln (my favorite President) justifiably killed racist white crackers and destroyed an economy based on the violation of individual rights in order to preserve the Union, but he wanted to send all ex-slaves to Liberia; very few in either the North or the South wanted to associate with blacks as equals. Both Roosevelts and both Bushes had trouble with the concept of individual rights, as did that racist pig Woodrow Wilson. LBJ, Nixon, Ford and Carter are basically responsible for the economic and social malaise of the late 1960s and all of the 1970s. Reagan preached the gospel of limited government but supported a misguided War on Drugs that made criminals out of people for choosing to inhale a freaking plant, apparently having learned nothing from Prohibition. Clinton suckered us into supporting him and what did we get in return? DOMA and DADT, which he could have vetoed at any time. The only thing keeping Obama from becoming a dictator are the constitutional separation of powers.
    On the other hand, Israel’s founding, in a location where there was a Jewish state before the convicted thief Jesus and the child rapist Muhammad were even born, was to protect Jews from further hate crimes from heretic goyim (all gentile religions are heretic), and Arabist-terrorist sympathizing slime like you are reasons why Israel needs to exist as a Jewish state, and needs to do whatever it takes to protect innocent people from being brutally murdered by terrorist scum who worship convicted felons like Jesus and child molesters like Muhammad. It is against their better judgement that they allow Christian and Muslim heretics to practice their religion there.
    And the first equivocation of Zionism (that’s with a capital Z, for the rest of you Pan-Arabist scum) with racism by the United Nazis, I mean the United Nations, was when unapologetic ex-Nazi kraut Kurt Waldheim was its secretary general. Zionism is not racism. Anti-zionism is anti-semitism because it means denying the Jewish people our hard-earned right to sovereignty. Enemies of gays have no right to sovereignty and deserve no consideration for their irrational feelings or their invalid point of view. The so-called “Palestinians” are enemies of gays. Therefore they have no right to a state and even less right to complain about false accusations of violation of their human rights which they forfeit by attacking gays. Forgive me if I don’t shed any tears for the plight of people who consider me target practice and not a human being. I recently attended a play where they were selling goods for a charity called “Embrace Uganda,” and I refused to even entertain the notion of supporting a country that even had to ask whether to make homosexuality a capital crime. Plus the crafts they were selling were just plain gauche. Uganda has no right to sovereignty. Iran has no right to sovereignty. Iraq has no right to sovereignty. Afghanistan has no right to sovereignty. Jamaica has no right to sovereignty. Saudi Arabia has no right to sovereignty. Zimbabwe has no right to sovereignty. The Vatican has no right to sovereignty because of their centuries of anti-semitic and homophobic genocide and their Jihad against altar boys’ right to be protected from sexual abuse. China has no right to sovereignty because despite rudimentary free markets they still pay more than just lip service to a murderous ideology. Most of the western and central European nations have a right to sovereignty (but they are not nearly as sophisticated as they claim to be; giving up liberty for security is not sophistication). The United States, for all its shortcomings, does because it is still freer than most nations on Earth. And Israel does, too.
    If the majority of Jews turn against gays I will become an atheist. If the majority of the gays turn against Jews I will become celibate and actively homophobic. But because I was fortunate enough to be raised in the least homophobic of the three Abrahamic faiths by non-Orthodox Jews who accepted me being gay more than they accepted me turning against Democrats, I do not have to choose my loyalties.
    Meanwhile, how can you condemn Islamists while supporting a cause that is part and parcel of Islamism? That’s cognitive dissonance. Or maybe you’re just another vulgar anti-semite to whom “the enemy of the enemy is my friend.”
    Take your Jihad to Stormfront where it belongs, Eva. I, for one, will continue to support the state of Israel, the people of Israel, and fight homophobia in Israel as strongly as in the United States and in every country on Earth. I will not even entertain the basic notion of a “Palestinian” state while it stands for the principles of anti-semitism, homophobia, terrorism, land robbing and genocide.
    Lest you think I find it admirable, or even logistically feasible, to go around killing innocent people, let me clarify my position. Christian and Muslim apostates I have no problem with. Gays who have the misfortune of being raised under the Islamic hate cult need our help most of all. I support a universal standard of human rights based on the principles of liberty, both economic and social, to which all nations need to adhere.”
    3 10 Posted: Jul 30, 2010 at 12:49 pm
    Our little piglet got the following replies.
    o. 11 • Bill Perdue
    @Queer Supremacist: Who let you out of your sty, racist.

    8 1

    Posted: Jul 30, 2010 at 4:15 pm • @Reply • [Flag?]
    No. 12 • Jadis
    @Queer Supremacist: You are everything that’s wrong with the world.

    6 1

    Posted: Jul 31, 2010 at 10:37 am • @Reply • [Flag?]
    No. 13 • ron
    @Queer Supremacist: Holy shit! You must be as exhausted from that tirade as I am from reading it! You, sir, are full of shit……

    6 2

    Posted: Jul 31, 2010 at 10:46 am • @Reply • [Flag?]
    No. 14 • L.
    @Queer Supremacist: You’re not getting paid by the word, I hope.

    3 2

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