Kenneth Cole amfAR AIDS Ad Leads To Rant

Designivist Kenneth Cole may love his puns, but copyranter ain’t having it:

This amfAR bus poster is, of course, supposed to read “WE’RE FORGETTING AIDS” with a secondary read of “WE’RE GETTING AIDS” to remind everybody that HIV is still spreading. Buuut, can’t it also read “WE’RE FOR GETTING AIDS” as in amfAR supports the spread of disease? This is what happens when you allow hack punster Kenneth Cole, who promotionally owns AIDS, to do your ads.

Meanwhile, in other Cole advertising news, Log Cabin President Patrick Sammon recently posed for Cole’s “Non-Uniform Thinking” ad campaign. A gay Republican against uniformity – maybe when compared to other gays, but not when considering America’s political and social future.

Oh well, anything that sells uninspired clothes and grabs headlines, huh?!

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