Kenneth Starr to Defend Prop. 8 in CA Supreme Court?

Will Bill Clinton’s nemesis be taking on California marriage equality advocates next year in California’s Supreme Court battle over Proposition 8?

Jordan Lorence, senior counsel for the Alliance Defense Fund, a conservative Christian non-profit, was overheard last week in D.C. saying, “We’ve all but confirmed that Ken Starr is going to take the case.”

The former Independent Counsel is something of a fame whore, like a modern-day Clarence Darrow in reverse, defending a public school’s right to ban free speech or writing amicus briefs for the Mormon Church that were used in previous California gay marriage litigation.

His response to being asked whether he would lead the Prop 8 defense? “No comment”, but Mother Jones’ legal affairs and domestic policy expert, Stephanie Mencimer confirms that no Alliance Defense Fund lawyers plan on arguing the case and that she takes “all this to mean that Starr is likely to take the case.”

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  • Joe Moag


  • Darth Paul

    I’m surprised they don’t have one of the Phelps spawn reppin.

  • Paul Raposo

    This is excellent. The Republicans spent tens of millions “investigating” Clinton and came away with nothing. Hopefully, the *Yes on 8* crowd will do the same here.

  • ggreen

    Ken Starr the only place he could get tenure was the odious Pepperdine Christian University. Home of some of the biggest scum bag academics in America.

  • ask ena


  • ChicagoJimmy

    Ken Starr is still working hard on that special place in hell he’s got his eye on.

  • Kevin

    “a conservative Christian non-profit”

    This isn’t really accurate. They are a legal arm of the theocratic Christian Right. They not only spend much of their resources attacking the rights of lesbians and gays, but they recently engaged right-wing Christian ministers in violating the ban on endorsing candidates from the pulpit. In their goal of tearing down the seperation between church and state, they work to make this a dangerous country for anyone (especially LGBTs) who doesn’t fit in with their Christian Right dogma.

    For a list of other members of the Christian Right, go here:

  • alan brickman

    This is too perfect…seriously..

  • Charles J. Mueller

    Has anyone ever seen a meaner, hateful-looking jaw-set than the one this prick is sporting?

  • michael

    @Charles J. Mueller: Charles, have you not noticed that all of these people who are leaders of the Christian Reich have a similar look. They hate us because they are all a bunch of closet cases that are to ugly to be gay. Thats why they are always being caught paying for it and using their power to intimidate those who work for them to have sex with them. They hate us because we don’t want them in our club.

  • Jim

    @Charles J. Mueller: Jaw? Is that what’s hiding under all them saggy jowls and facepaunch?

    How perfect for Starr–now he can allude to THOUSANDS of blowjobs, not just one. Jezus, this is gonna be one big ‘ol fuckin’ circus if he takes on the case, which I think is sad–it’s a proceeding that deserves tact, decorum and sensitivity, things not normally associated with Starr.

  • chuck


    Now that you mention it, Michael, you’re right. They do have a similar look. And the reason you gave for it makes good sense to me. lol


    Touché, bon ami. Well stated. lol

  • bob hastert

    All gays are faggots

  • Asa DeMatteo

    @bob hastert: And your point is . . ., Mr. Hastert?

    Frankly, I think it is particularly delicious that old prissy pants peeping tom Kenny Starr will be leading the case.

  • Amber

    Unintelligent people shouldn’t be
    a. In government office/slash/lawyers
    b. Able to choose what’s ‘right’ for a massive, diverse, society.

    Wait a minute, didn’t our forefathers come to the U.S. for a little something called freedom? Maybe some human rights?

    Oh wait. I’m sorry. I guess those rules doesn’t apply anymore.

    Bob Hastert?
    a. With a name like Bob, there’s no possible way you can be taken seriously.
    b. Since lives can be so easily ruined by just a few votes, I vote you, and people like you, should be burned at the stakes.

  • Largoroom

    Poor Ken Starr……no, really, I do feel very sorry for him.

    I feel sorry for any human being who is so blinded by paranoia and bitterness, they will attack a group of people who have done nothing at all, and believe it to be a righteous thing to do.

    What, Mr. Starr… is the current economic Depression we are currently engaged in not enough for you to consider? Are the criminal acts of Wall Street Bankers simply not evil enough for you to be bothered with? Are the even more heinous criminal acts of the Bush Administration not worth wasting your precious time on? Apparently not.

    Another question for you, Mr. Starr; Just where have you been hiding for the past ten years? The last time I heard your name, you were attacking Bill Clinton – and he was only guilty of lying about getting a blow job – demanding his impeachment, wanting him tarred and feathered, ranting that this filthy act, was responsible for the shameful destruction of every ounce of respect our nation’s government had with the world and the disgrace of the President’s office as well!

    My, my, how things have changed in ten years.

    So, kinda like Punxsutawney Phil, you only come out of your burrow when a Democrat is President?

    I can see it now…..You mosey out of your hole, expecting only to see your own magnificent shadow…….but wait! You don’t just see your shadow at all; you see Armageddon!! “Jesus, Mary and Joseph!”, you shriek, “Gays are married?!” the veins in your wrinkled neck protruding like rickety blue creeks. “I cannot allow this to happen! It’s bad enough we have a black president! Somethings got to be done! I should have never gone to sleep!”

    So you quickly drum up some ridiculous cause, because you are just not happy unless someone is being oppressed, corral up your usual thugs and go searching for a scared millionaire to fork over a few bucks to bank roll your scheme.

    The result – Proposition 8. A proposition in California that would not only ban gay marriages from being recognized by the state as legal, but would dissolve those unions between couples who have already been legally wed, thereby stripping them of all legal rights now enjoyed by couples who are…not gay. The ruling on this measure is to take place on Valentine’s Day. Good God; where the hell did sanity go?

    Mr. Starr………Do you know what day it is? Do you know what century you are in? How many fingers am I holding up?! You do realize that W is no longer president…….right? I cannot fathom why you would take up such a cause, when there are far greater issues to be resolved right now. (Remember my mentioning the economy?) Is it because you are only a Christian towards someone who is just like you? I suggest you re-read your bible.

    Is it because you just can’t get beyond your own failures and shortcomings, that you feel the need to attack innocent, good, tax paying, citizens? You just weren’t hugged enough as a child, I bet.

    Is your own personal life so lacking in intimacy and happiness that you feel the need to try to deny people – who you don’t even know! – the opportunity to obtain those things for themselves?

    Really, Mr. Starr, I would honestly like to know why you think this is a good thing to do? As a rational human being…..I cannot begin to fathom the reason.

    Clearly, this is a campaign to legalize discrimination and to legalize the restriction of individual civil rights. Haven’t we been through this enough times already? Haven’t we all accepted the belief that discrimination is bad? How many times will this dusty, old, bloodied, political ideology be pulled out? Apparently as long as there is a group of people to oppress.

    Freedom doesn’t care if you are gay or straight, what color you are, or what ethic background you come from. Freedom is our God given right as Americans….all Americans.

    Mr. Starr, you have no right to attempt to take away any one’s freedom. You are no one. You are not God, nor are you of any real importance to this country or its people. You produce nothing but fear. You serve no purpose to our great country at all.

    You only serve yourself, and you serve yourself on the backs of those you try to oppress.

    It’s time you crawled back into your hole now, and go to sleep.

    We’ll see you again in ten years.

  • Kyle Schember

    TRUE freedom is not denying any right you claim for yourself to anyone else.

    Plain and simple.

    Why can’t Ken Starr do something PRODUCTIVE like solve some education issues, or build a school? Once again he’ll be at the forefront of wasting a TON of money on something that shouldn’t even be an issue in this day & age anyway.

    Get over yourself already Kenneth Star!

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