Kenneth Starr to Defend Prop. 8 in CA Supreme Court?

Will Bill Clinton’s nemesis be taking on California marriage equality advocates next year in California’s Supreme Court battle over Proposition 8?

Jordan Lorence, senior counsel for the Alliance Defense Fund, a conservative Christian non-profit, was overheard last week in D.C. saying, “We’ve all but confirmed that Ken Starr is going to take the case.”

The former Independent Counsel is something of a fame whore, like a modern-day Clarence Darrow in reverse, defending a public school’s right to ban free speech or writing amicus briefs for the Mormon Church that were used in previous California gay marriage litigation.

His response to being asked whether he would lead the Prop 8 defense? “No comment”, but Mother Jones’ legal affairs and domestic policy expert, Stephanie Mencimer confirms that no Alliance Defense Fund lawyers plan on arguing the case and that she takes “all this to mean that Starr is likely to take the case.”