Kentuckians Celebrate July 4th By Threatening To Kill A Lesbian Couple And Their Kids

Most Americans celebrate Independence Day by getting drunk and shooting off fireworks. But this last July 4th some residents of Pathfork, Kentucky decided to begin the unorthodox traditions of beating the shit out of a lesbian couple after attacking their parents and kids with fireworks. One drunken patrior even re-created an attack on the British by pulling out a gun on one of the women—FREEDOM!!!

Let’s hear a bit of Misty Turner’s holiday memories (complete with her misspellings):

Accross the street from were we were parked, a party was going on and there was approx. 50+ people drinking and shooting fireworks. The crowd kept shooting fireworks in our direction, until one exploded near us, injuring my 2 children, several other family members, and my 80 yr old grandma. I addressed the crowd and told them to stop firing that they had hurt my children.. they proceeded to yell profanities at me including “We’ll set everyone of the little Mother F**kers on fire!” At this time my father walked toward the crowd, and in effort to stop him I went behind him, once I had got away from my car I was attacked by a woman saying she was gonna kill me.

At this time my partner tried to stop her, and we were attacked by at least 15 men. All yelling “If you wanna look like a man, then fight like one” We were also called lesbians, whores, “pu**y licking whores” and dikes. No one else in our group was attacked but us. Then a gun was pulled and pointed at us and we were told “I’ll kill your dike asses”…

The rowdy drunks left Ms. Turner bruised with a head injury and a bleeding sinus cavity. Her partner Brandy Standifer received a broken rib and bruises with a man’s shoe prints left on her back.

Of the dozen or so people involved in the attack, Turner identified Rodney Howard as one assaulter and Jeffrey Saylor as the man who brandished the gun. But when she went to her first court appearance, the defense attorney Otis Doan asked Turner “Do you promote this kind of life?” He also made the comment, “You’re a lesbian and live in Harlan county?” And then asked her if she still had “custody” of her children as a lesbian! According to Turner, the judge did nothing to stop him.

The Kentucky Equality Federation has asked the U.S. Department of Justice to look into the report and Turner has also asked for the gay community’s support so that the crime gets duly punished. She fears that her sexuality will be used against her in court because, c’mon, it probably will be. In the meanwhile, its entirely possible the women could face further harassment for prosecuting their assailants because that’s how cowards work.

Oh… America!

Via Towleroad