Kentucky Store Bans Gay People. Guns, However, Are Totally Fine

Herald Embroidery, a mom-and-pop’s print shop in Oak Grove, Kentucky, has made it clear who is welcome in their store and who is not: Guns? Sure! Gay people? Not so much.

The custom embroiderers recently posted five stickers in its front window, PolicyMic reports. Guns, beards, and a Bible passage are depicted in green circles, while “foul language” and a rainbow flag are crossed out in red circles.

After news broke, the store quickly replaced them with a “clarification” that read:

While we will serve all customers who treat our place of business with respect, we reserve the right to refuse to produce promotional products that promote ideas that are not in keeping with our consciences. This includes, but is not limited to content promoting HOMOSEXUALITY, FREEMASONRY, the use of FOUL LANGUAGE, and imagery which promotes IMMODESTY.

In other words: Shop owners don’t want your immodest and immoral homosexuality printed on any T-shirts and banners produced by them. Guns, however, are totally fine.

If this upsets you, too bad. According to the law, Herald Embroidery is acting within its rights by posting this signage. In Kentucky, it’s legal to use “religious beliefs” as a legal defense in court, even when those beliefs undermine the civil rights of others.

Since news of Herald Embroidery’s bigotry broke, the company’s Yelp page has been inundated pictures of same-sex couples kissing and holding hands. If this upsets shop owners, too bad. According to Yelp’s content guidelines, users are acting within their rights by posting the photographs. On Yelp, “colorful language and imagery is fine.”

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  • coffeeaugur

    WTF … this place should be shut down

  • Cam

    They have a sticker that says John 3:16 That passage reads “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

    Hmm, funny, I didn’t see the part in there that says “Except for dirty faggots”.

    It’s funny, these people are so desperate to be bigots that they will try to twist anything to excuse their bigotry.

    I think we should go to Kentucky, set up stores on a main street and say that it is our religious belief that anybody walking by our store must pay us $100 dollars. If you look in our store it’s $200.00. Hey, it’s our religious belief after all.

  • hex0

    The most disgusting thing is that discrimination against “Christians” is illegal yet they’re free to shit on gays all they want. Luckily we’re winning the fight and the crusty old white Paula Deens and Duck Dynastys are dying out.

  • underdog

    F##king rednecks!!!

  • Mezaien

    The F.U.C.K.I.N.G white Christian again! I am saying it for years HOMOS get guns we`ll need it.

  • ingyaom

    So, what is it, beards or Freemasonry? We have a right to know.

  • jckfmsincty

    Kentucky: 6 million people, 11 different last names

  • sixpackjack

    I can’t think of anything more gay than embroidery.

  • Tookietookie123

    Well they are free to ban gay people from their store since it’s in their legal right to do so, but it is also our legal right to give them negative feedback and avoid going to their business until it fails. Don’t underestimate us as a collective group, we’ve faced much worse and survived much worse, just because I’m not allowed in your store in a state I’m not happy to say that I’m from doesn’t mean I’m going to stop being gay. This isn’t anything but hate, it’s quite a pathetic attempt to attack our community too.

  • Geeker

    I’m from Kentucky and I’m sad to say this kind of thing is far from surprising or rare.

  • DickieJohnson

    Again, folks, WHO gives a F*CK??? People such as these are showing their stupidity in a very public manner. It’s just like the cakes & chicken sandwiches BS. I wouldn’t want them to have my patronage. Somebody else, down the street, will be happy to treat you right & get your business! Douchebags don’t last long once word gets around.

  • Lvng1tor

    @ingyaom: Oh god I’m so confused cause I have a beard and am gay…oh wait my family is ripe with masons so I guess I can’t go into this tough guys embroidery shop…damn

  • Dakotahgeo

    Gotta love these people who show their idiotic behavior with no shame. I hope their business burns down… with them in it! (Not that I’d want them hurt in any way, nooooooo!)

  • EGO

    Herald Embroidery/owners are going to fail because of their stubborn, archaic thinking and refusal to learn. Just look at the Westboro Baptist Church of Kansas, they are falling apart.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    jckfmsincty & sixpackjack back to back fantastic comments!

    “Kentucky: 6 million people, 11 different last names”

    “I can’t think of anything more gay than embroidery.”

  • jeau

    Yelp just scrubbed this places page of 23 comments and sent me a stern email.
    No sense of humor
    So now u know
    F**k yelp

  • bwood

    It’s their store and their right and I for one agree with it. You don’t have to shop there. I really don’t see how the same sex can populate the earth. If God wanted this to happen he would have given us both sexes. So I guess since they a have a different view then they are the bad guys. Just listen to yourselves because someone has different views than you.

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