We'd Laugh If We Weren't Crying

Kenya’s Attempt At Transparency

The Kenyan government continues to hobble along after last month’s contested election. We know this isn’t a “gay” issue, but the slow erosion of the democratic process deserves a bit of attention. Here’s a blurb about politicos voting for Kenya’s Speaker of the House, the third most powerful position:

The vote for Speaker – the nation’s third most powerful figure – began amid bitter clashes, with the opposition Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) calling for an open rather than secret ballot.

Senior ODM official William Ruto said: “We went through [national] elections with a secret ballot, and you stole the vote.”

But government MP Mutula Kilonzo retorted: “You are now violating the very principle this country has been seeking.”

After one false start, MPs were called forward to cast secret ballots into a transparent box in the centre of the chamber.

A valiant effort, indeed….