Govt. Intervention Not Wide Enough

Kenya’s MSM Left Out Of AIDS Initiatives

AIDS rates among Kenyan men who have sex men are no laughing matter. According to a recent study, 40% of Kenya’s men who have sex with men have HIV. Scary shit.

Despite these numbers, new infections overall have dropped over the past few years, largely because of government sponsored safe sex messages. Kenya’s anti-gay laws, however, leave queers out in the cold. This, of course, needs to change. As National AIDS Control Council’s Prof. Alloys Orago said Monday, “NACC knows that the gay practice in Kenya is still illegal. But NACC cannot exclude the gay community in the war against HIV and AIDS.” With the utmost tact and respect, he continues, “Those practicing gay [sex] often do it in hiding and discreetly and therefore are not easily reached by HIV and AIDS program intervention implementers.” Yes, those practicing gays sure can burrow deep.