Kenya’s Queer Imbalance

Like so many post-Colonial nations, Kenya continues to rail against its gays. While it’s still technically illegal to be gay in the African nation, ABC News found that gay men have found space in so-called “mixed bars.”

Despite relative freedom on the dance floor, most gay men and women continue to live in fear. Unless, of course, they’re raking it in:

The one exception to homosexual intolerance was, and continues to be, sex tourism. For several years during the Moi regime, there was a club in downtown Nairobi, frequented by British sailors and ex-pats, Steve said, where men could pick up other men, often male prostitutes.

In the coastal town of Mombasa, male prostitution continues to be part of the tourism trade without much scrutiny from the government — or even the local community. “If you have money in this country you can do whatever you want,” Steve said.

Isn’t that always the case: whores and their rich benefactors have all the fun!