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Kept From Her Dying Wife, Janice Langbehn Gets Her Hospital Apologies. Almost


The apologies might be nearly two years late, and never remedy what happened, but Janice Langbehn — who was refused hospital visitation with her dying partner — has received apologies from nurses at the Florida hospital where Lisa Pond died after suffering a brain aneurysm in February 2007.

At a town hall meeting at a Miami church, Washington State’s Langbehn was addressed by nurse Martha Baker: “We certainly are sorry for the pain and suffering she felt.” And Norberto Molina: “I can’t imagine what you went through.” And a handful of others, sorry their employer kept the two loved ones apart.

A nice gesture. But Langbehn wants the management of Jackson Memorial Hospital — who successfully had a discrimination lawsuit dismissed — to apologize after a social worker kept her from Pond’s death bed. So far, it’s an unanswered request.

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  • terrwill

    Words can not describe the pain and suffering I wish upon that “social worker” who denied this woman to visit her dying partner. They were a freakin family with kids and this subhuman scum refused their last visit??? I can virtually guarantee this vile cunt considers herself a “good chrisitan woman”

    We have to hope that karma somehow rights the many wrongs which are inflicted upon good persons during this life in the afterlife. And I am hoping there is a special place in the darkest, coldest, corner of hell where that vile cunt will suffer eternal damnation and be forced to suffer for her hateful actions for all of eternity…………………..

  • Cam

    Another B.S. apology. The nurse says “”We certainly are sorry for the pain and suffering she felt.”

    Not, “We’re sorry for what the hospital did” it’s “We’re sorry you were upset”. Ugh, what a load.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Nurses are supposed to be advocates of the patients in their care. They let Ms. Pond and Ms. Langbehn down. The wording of the apology doesn’t bother me, as they were likely instructed to word their apologies in such a way as to avoid self-recrimination. More than measured apologies, what needs to happen is a drastic change to a more sensitive policy towards GLBT families that are unfortunate enough to need care at Jackson Memorial Hospital. This case was a heartbreaker. My heart goes out to Ms. Langbehn and her children.

  • me

    And people wonder why I can’t stand most of the religious.

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