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Kept From Her Dying Wife, Janice Langbehn Gets Her Hospital Apologies. Almost


The apologies might be nearly two years late, and never remedy what happened, but Janice Langbehn — who was refused hospital visitation with her dying partner — has received apologies from nurses at the Florida hospital where Lisa Pond died after suffering a brain aneurysm in February 2007.

At a town hall meeting at a Miami church, Washington State’s Langbehn was addressed by nurse Martha Baker: “We certainly are sorry for the pain and suffering she felt.” And Norberto Molina: “I can’t imagine what you went through.” And a handful of others, sorry their employer kept the two loved ones apart.

A nice gesture. But Langbehn wants the management of Jackson Memorial Hospital — who successfully had a discrimination lawsuit dismissed — to apologize after a social worker kept her from Pond’s death bed. So far, it’s an unanswered request.