Kept From His Dying Partner, Sonoma’s Clay Greene Takes a $600K Settlement

Admitting no wrong doing, California’s Sonoma County will pay Clay Greene, 78, a $600,000 settlement after he claimed officials prevented him from seeing his dying partner of 25 years Harold Scull (and auctioning off their estate without permission). Sonoma County says they’re settling to avoid a costly legal battle and not because they’re backing down from their assertion that officials separated them because of a domestic violence history. Unhappy story. Not so terribly happy ending.

Clay Greene Says He Was ‘Just Roommates’ With Dead Partner Harold Scull

Clay Greene + Harold Scull: Did County Officials Separate Them Because of Elder Abuse?

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  • Hyhybt

    I wonder whatever happened to the cats.

  • s_b

    And what happened to all their personal belongings that the county employees ran off with?


    Money will shut anyone up…..

  • s_b

    I wonder if he can file civil suits against the individual employees? Those bastards should suffer.

  • Jeremy

    @REVEMUPMAN: Are you kidding me? This man is 78 for F’s sake! Besides the possibility that this man has to spend a lots of times and money to get back some of his and his parter’s belonging, how is this poor old man gonna spend the money before he passes away? You think money will make everyone gets over the fact that they was separated at the last moment to their lover? You know, you came here patronizing like a God Almighty. But you just “out” yourself as a nasty, greedy, heartless bastard since you assume everybody thinks the same like you. You ugly comment literally made me vomited! Eff off!!!!

  • L.

    @REVEMUPMAN: How much for your silence?

  • Brutus

    @Jeremy: You consistently display an appallingly immature lack of comprehension.

  • Cam

    This is a joke, I love how the County says “Oh, we weren’t wrong, we just don’t feel like making the effort to fight this in court.” A County will send their employees into court to fight for ANYTHING, a ticket, a zoning violation, a food cart being over the limit. They will stick with all these cases on appeal after appeal. If they back off and paid the guy $600,000 they did something wrong, know it, and are afriad of losing much more then that in court.

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