Kern Calls On Barber, LaBarbera

You know how they say there’s a gay mafia? Well, there’s an anti-gay mafia, as well, and Sally Kern’s a member. Or, at the very least, an adherent.

The Oklahoma lawmaker first burst onto the national scene last week, after Victory Fund published her now infamous anti-gay audio.

While addressing like-minded peers, Kern spouted some pretty dangerous – and erroneous – bullshit, like that we gays are going after children and hellbent on destroying the United States. Sound familiar?

It should, because that’s the same garbage produced by some of the nation’s most notable right-wing activists, Matt Barber and Peter LaBarbera, whose arguments Kern uses to back up her homophobic nonsense.

Despite his penis, Barber works with Concerned Women For America, while LaBarbera gets his kicks with Americans For “Truth”. Both men work tirelessly against what they deem “the gay agenda,” whatever that means. And, not surprisingly, Kern uses both Barber and LaBarbera to back her up. Oklahoma’s KSBI took a closer look at Kern’s scandal and gave the lawmaker some space to defend her “Christian” self. Said Kern: “As a Christian I love homosexuals. I love everybody. God loves everybody.” Kern then provides KSBI with “evidence” of the gay agenda. The documents include an article penned by Barber and one worked out by LaBarbera.

LaBarbera’s may be familiar to some of you. It’s the essay he wrote admonishing a former Microsoft executive’s $65 million donation to various gay organizations. Apparently the late Ric Weiland’s contribution to gay community centers and the such will destroy the American family. Wrote LaBarbera:

Already the pro-homosexual movement outspends the pro-family movement specifically on the issue of homosexuality by a huge factor, and this is only going to make it worse. I think it’s time for pro-family people who believe that homosexuality should not be celebrated or turned into a civil right in our law … it’s time for some of them to step up to the plate and fund pro-family organizations to deal with this juggernaut that we see coming at us.

This is not a “Christian” mentality. What good Christian, Jew or Muslim would take a charitable donation and twist it into something ugly, misleading and fearsome.

That’s a trifecta for people like LaBarbera and Barber, whose recent, repetitive call to action Kern also uses to support her comments. In that piece, Barber warns of gay activists working with gay presidential candidates to wreak havoc across America: “The ultimate goal, of course, being to have people who engage in these aberrant sexual behaviors in a position of power to influence public policy in such a way that they gain more power.” Something tells us gay folk would use democratic power for more just causes than Barber and his ilk, including Representative Kern.

If the good people of Oklahoma had any sense of justice, pride and love for our Constitution, they would call for Kern’s head. No politician, regardless of state or position, should spread exclusionary ideology. Yes, she can say whatever she wants, but Kern’s voice isn’t just one woman’s, it’s an entire movement with a very clear agenda. And it doesn’t make us very gay.

We wouldn’t tolerate a neo-Nazi politician, so why