Kern Comments Spark Hate Crimes Protest

Gay activists sure can turn make lemonade! Rather than remaining mute about lawmaker Sally Kern’s anti-audio, about 300 people gathered in Oklahoma City today to pressure the state’s legislature to pass comprehensive hate crime laws.

Meanwhile, Victory Fund president Chuck Wolfe, whose organization spearheaded the secretly taped audio’s publication, offered some forgiving words on Kern:

Rep. Kern may not have realized the effect her ugly words would have, but she now has an opportunity to say to her constituents and to gays and lesbians and their families across Oklahoma, that she regrets the language she used. The damage is done, but her apology can begin the healing.

A Kern apology ain’t likely, especially since she refers to her gays and terrorists equation a “metaphor”. She just wanted to scare up some support, she says. She’s certainly scared up more than that…