Kern Comments Spark Hate Crimes Protest

Gay activists sure can turn make lemonade! Rather than remaining mute about lawmaker Sally Kern’s anti-audio, about 300 people gathered in Oklahoma City today to pressure the state’s legislature to pass comprehensive hate crime laws.

Meanwhile, Victory Fund president Chuck Wolfe, whose organization spearheaded the secretly taped audio’s publication, offered some forgiving words on Kern:

Rep. Kern may not have realized the effect her ugly words would have, but she now has an opportunity to say to her constituents and to gays and lesbians and their families across Oklahoma, that she regrets the language she used. The damage is done, but her apology can begin the healing.

A Kern apology ain’t likely, especially since she refers to her gays and terrorists equation a “metaphor”. She just wanted to scare up some support, she says. She’s certainly scared up more than that…

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  • CitizenGeek

    Sally Kern seems to be as stubborn as she is stupid …

  • Pete S.

    Kern is a poltroon for not meeting with representatives of the group today.

    She says she might meet with 2 or 3 people but only with her lawyer present. Why would she need a lawyer to meet with constituents? Or, does she only need a lawyer to meet with her GLBT constituents? If so, this also constitutes discrimination based solely on sexual orientation.

    Sally Kern is one giant piece of work.

  • Jack Jett

    I’d still spit fuck her.

  • M Shane

    She exceeds poltroonery and mindlessness; guess I’m with Mr Jett all the way. I hope they keep up and enlarge the demonstration til she flushes her head down the tiolet.

  • joe stevens

    Sally’s remarks and all the remarks like them are all from the same cess-pool of elitist-fascism, a false sense of entitlement and superiority based on nothing other than its own self richeousness, hatred hidingbehind bible scripture is still hatred….and yes all hatred comes from the same toxic place inside a person and all ends up with the same consequneces….Nazis or new-nazis that energy seeks to kill – and maim and destroy…its what our country was founded on opposing or never letting or allowing to happen…
    but here it is again….now spewing out of her mouth – unapoligetic:
    united we stand or divided we fall…
    give into this and then watch the violence and more murder of gays — how many gays have attacked heteros ? none….
    how many heteros have murder gays and gotten away with it ?
    whoose the real terrorist ? Sally step forward…please your making Satan proud today….

  • M Shane

    That is what scares me about the legacy of Bush: He played on that rabid religious selfrighteousness to come to and keep power:
    It is just one of the marks of true fascism in the past administration: thee fanaticism, sense of superiority, support of the wealthy, extreme nationalism; I just saw a film of well known jouralists explaining and apologising why they lied intentionally about the reasons for war; and it just had to do with fear of those facsists who were sure of being right in their anger. This legacy is by no means dead. I fear that it will become worse as inflation becomes greater. These scary rednecks are coming out everywhere.

  • dan

    i actually kinda hope that she won’t apologize. clearly, if she did, it’s not a sincere one. might as well just spit it all out what that narrow-minded idiot has to say, and go from there. once a hater always a hater. i hope she pays for this.

  • Lew

    I sent an e-mail to my entire family (they know I’m gay) that was a week ago. I heard nothing from any of them. I’m beginning to think Sally Kern might be right, perhaps I AM a cancer that needs to be eradicated. In the end I will not remember the hate-filled words of Sally Kern, I will remember the silence of my family.

  • Salamander

    I wonder how Sally “Adolf Hitler” Kern would feel if her son Jesse was murdered by a homo-bigot who thought he was gay (whether or not he actually is)

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