Kern Falls Back On First Amendment

Oklahoma state lawmaker Sally Kern had a lot of explaining to do this weekend after Victory Fund posted the her very anti-gay audio.

Rather than begging for mercy, as some other public figures may have done, Kern’s sticking to her guns:

I’m not gay bashing, but according to God’s word that is not the right kind of lifestyle… It has deadly consequences.

What is wrong with me as an American exercising my free speech rights on a topic that is a very big issue today?

Gay activist Karen Parson cries, foul, however, saying that Kern and other politicians should be held accountable:

…It’s this kind of speech, this kind of hate speech that gives the bullies the license to do it, and that’s got to stop.

Hate speech has such negative consequences. The words really mean something. She’s a legislative leader and people pick up on her words and they take them to be the truth.

Some defend Kern, saying that she thought she was in a private, secure setting. Would they feel the same if Kern had been bashing blacks? Actually, don’t answer that…