Kern Still A Committed Homophobe

Poor, sad, one-track minded Sally Kern.

The Oklahoma City politico simply can’t think past the gays and our allegedly immoral ways. Debating opponent Ron Marlett last week, Kern, who caught national flack this year for launching a rhetorical jihad against the gays, cemented her political standing in an firmly homophobic platform.

Repeating her assertion that same-sex lovers are a “moral decay that’s destroying our nation from within,” Kern also made the outlandish claim that we gays are the greatest threat facing the US of A:

When asked about the biggest threat facing the United States, Marlett said it was dependence on foreign oil. Kern said it was homosexuality.

“While terrorism has killed more than 3,000 people, in the continental United States in the last 15 years, homosexual behavior has killed more than 100,000,” she said. “It’s a danger to life. It is a danger to health.”

“Our county is united pretty much against terrorism, but homosexuality is being promoted in schools and by the government,” said Kern.

Marlett, who has our hypothetical vote, described Kern’s cancer remark as “chilling.” We also think it’s quite childish.