Kerry Eleveld: If DADT Isn’t Repealed This Year, You Can Just Forget It

Evidently, Regent/Here Media has the cash to pay Kerry Eleveld’s Advocate salary, because she’s stuck around D.C. doing some excellent reporting for the magazine; the company’s unpaid employees, instead, lash out at the company on the blogs. And in the insular world of Beltway journalists, Eleveld is that refreshing outsider. (Maybe she hasn’t been on the job long enough to get sucked into the inescapable bubble.) Which means when she makes statements like the following, we’re either going to trust her judgment 100 percent, or dismiss her as your average cynic: “If [Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is] not repealed this year, it probably doesn’t get repealed. At least not for Obama’s first term, not to assume he has a second one, but … There’s a sense of urgency.”

Heh. You can guess which category we fall in. (It’s the first one!)

[via Mediate]