Senator Snubs Edwards Ahead of South Carolina

Kerry Hearts Obama

John Kerry shows no love for former political partner John Edwards this election season.

Despite the fact that the men ran for the White House together in 2004, Kerry decided to throw his weight behind Barack Obama:

Kerry, a senator from Massachusetts, planned to announce his support Thursday at a rally with Obama at the College of Charleston, arguing that the Illinois senator can best unite the country, said a Democrat familiar with the decision. Kerry was timing his announcement before South Carolina’s Jan. 26 primary, a contest that has taken on extra importance for Obama after Hillary Rodham Clinton beat him in New Hampshire.

Edwards took the high road, saying that the American nation is “stronger” because of Kerry’ work. He also says, “When we were running against each other and on the same ticket, John and I agreed on many issues.” Not anymore!

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  • afrolito

    Edwards should count his blessings. A Kerry endorsement might actually mean something if he did’nt get his ass handed to him by Bush during his own failed race.

    Obama may have just gotten the kiss of death.

  • Alexa

    afrolito, I agree, this is not good for Obama. Unfortunately it may be best for Clinton, as people will question why he turned against Edwards. What is it with former pro-Edwards politicians supporting Obama? I’m still pissed at Kucinich for telling his Iowan supporters to vote Obama instead of Edwards, and I don’t buy his excuse for it at all.

  • Meeg

    F*ck Kerry! He managed to screw up the Democrats chances of securing the White House in 2004 which lots of people thought was inevitable what with his stupid “Bush Junior” campaign that didn’t excite anyone, and his boring, patrician, entitled demeanor. Who the f*ck cares which candidate he supports?! He honestly needs to just retire from public life and keep his mouth shut.

  • todd

    Kerry should go windsurfing and stay out of it. No one cares what he thinks.

  • l

    Maybe next Al Sharpton can endorse B.O. & then he’ll be toast.

  • allstarecho

    You’re missing the obvious here. Edwards has all but given his own support to Obama and now with Kerry supporting Obama it’s proof that the ticket will read like this: Obama President/Edwards Vice President.

  • Matt

    Hey–Edwards has lots of experience running for VP already, so he and Obama could team up & steal Hillary’s slogan, “Change and Experience”. Woohoo for winning in November!

  • ProfessorVP

    I’m not the only one who thinks that Kerry really won Ohio in 2004, and with it, the election.

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    Yes, Professor (and Mary-Anne…) Kerry won Ohio but he did not challenge it which Edwards criticized after the second stolen election thanks to Mr Blackwell (just read ‘Armed Madhouse’ by BBC’s Greg Palast) An endorsement by Kerry is bad for Obama and may drag his presidential run down. John Kerry has been too busy windsurfing unlike the real President, Al Gore who has been trying to save the planet, no less. Hillary may win South Carolina which is why the corporate suckdog smeardia who’s motto is “Kill the Queen” is race-baiting the South Carolina race ala Bush and McCain’s adopted “black” baby. Neither Lincolnesque Kerry nor Epsilon Edwards stepped up to the mantle to assume the Democratic leadership immediately after the stolen election of 2000. Bill and Hillary and Prez Gore were always there.

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