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Kerry Whybrow’s Trans-Continental, Transgender Happily Ever After

A hearty congratulations to 66-year-old Kerry Whybrow, a retired British firefighter, and her new wife Alcia Evans, a Jamaican chef and mother of one (and thirty years Kerry’s junior), who wed in a civil partnership ceremony in Britain. The pair met on an international dating site. For Kerry, it is her fourth wedding: Back when she was Roger Steed, Kerry managed to marry and divorce three women. And while Kerry’s only child, a daughter from her first marriage, refused to attend the wedding after breaking off ties following Kerry’s coming out as trans, Kerry’s third wife Cindy Steed, whom she married in 1989, was there to celebrate. They split in 2003 after Kerry (then Roger) told Cindy she felt trapped in the wrong body; Roger began wearing women’s clothes before the two officially divorced. Under Britain’s curious discriminatory laws, Kerry and Alcia were eligible for only a civil partnership, but not marriage, because theirs is a same-sex relationship; had Kerry remained a man, they would have been only able to be married, and not have a civil partnership.