Kevin Arnold Is A Big Ol’ Mo

Fred Savage

Fred Savage’s
career hasn’t seen much action over the last decade or so. This month sees him return to the small screen with the new ABC show Crumbs. And this time he’s more interested in chasing willies than Winnies.

Savage portrays Mitch, the gay prodigal son, who returns home from a failed Hollywood career.
The series will explore the family’s varied reaction to Mitch’s sexual orientation, but Savage says: “That’s not what the show is about … the show is really about family and secrets that families keep from each other, and how a family pulls itself back together after keeping so much from each other for so long.”

For a child star who was never busted for buying heroin in a dark alley or robbing a 7-11 somewhere in the Mid-West, this is the most daring role we’ve ever seen him take on. We just hope his character gets more tail than Eric McCormick did during the first few seasons of Will & Grace.

Fred Savage Picks Up His Acting Career
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