Kevin Hart-Will Ferrell Comedy Shocks Audience With Gay Jokes

635519104764164083-xxx-1-get-hard-sneak-peek-68818878Kevin Hart may have recently admitted that he’s too insecure to portray a gay character, but he certainly isn’t shy about making jokes at their expense. The busy comic actor, who seems to have a new film out every few months, costars with Will Ferrell in the upcoming comedy Get Hard and reports from the SXSW premiere of the movie Monday indicate that some of the film’s gay-themed humor may be outdated. In the R-rated bro-com, Ferrell plays a millionaire convicted of embezzlement and sentenced to a decade in prison who asks Hart’s character to help toughen him up before his gig in the slammer. And in the parlance of this film, “toughen him up” translates to “teach him how to blow a dude.”

Variety notes that the gay jokes, as well as a lot of race-based humor, had the audience in Austin, Texas, laughing and cringing simultaneously and describes the film as the “most high-profile comedy ever made about the subject of prison rape.” The Variety writer also reveals the following plot detail:

As part of his prison-prep routine, Ferrell decides to try to perform oral sex on a guy, and he takes an older gentleman into a bathroom stall. “I’m going to suck your d–,” Ferrell says, but he’s so disgusted by the thought, the scene will feel homophobic to some viewers. Another running joke has Ferrell shove objects up his anus.

HitFlix’s review suggests the film is essentially a two-hour joke that “gay rape is hilarious.” The writer adds:

There is nothing this movie can imagine that is worse than gay sex, it seems to be saying. How in the year 2015, as we see over 30 states finally recognizing same-sex marriage, can we possibly justify this thing? How can anyone sit in the theater and just laugh and laugh and laugh as the movie repeatedly screams, “Oh my god, gay people are so gross!”

The comedy will open in theaters March 27. Check out the fairly innocuous trailer below.