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Kevin Sorbo is having another terrible day on Twitter after learning he may lose his blue check mark

Hollywood has-been/Donald Trump loyalist Kevin Sorbo’s bad day week month year on Twitter continues after it was announced the social media platform might soon begin charging verified users who want to keep their coveted blue check marks.

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Ever since Elon Musk took over Twitter, Sorbo has been trolling people upset about the apartheid-era emerald mine heir now owning the largest social media platform in the world. Here’s just some of what he’s been saying over the past week or so:

It seemed like 64-year-old Sorbo was getting the last laugh on all the people who’ve dunked on him for his extreme right-wing rhetoric and anti-LGBTQ tweets over the years.

Then news broke that Musk is planning to implement a new Twitter Blue subscription that will require verified users to fork over $19.99 a month or lose their blue check marks in 90 days.

And suddenly things weren’t so funny for out-of-work actor anymore.

Per CNN:

Twitter is considering offering verified accounts to users who are willing to pay $19.99 a month for a subscription service, and it may take away the coveted blue check marks of existing users if they don’t start paying for the product within 90 days, according to internal Twitter documents viewed by CNN.

It’s possible the plan and pricing could change, as Twitter’s new billionaire owner Elon Musk works to put his stamp on one of the world’s most important social media platforms. It’s also unclear if some verified users may be exempt from paying the fee; many international organizations and charities, for example are verified on Twitter.

And just like that, the dunking began all over again…

Sorbo, whose most recent VOD film credits include Bernie the Dolphin and Miracle in East Texas, recently partnered with Patriot Mobile, “America’s only Christian conservative wireless service provider”, as its new celebrity spokesperson.

The company donates a portion of all proceeds to several different anti-LGBTQ hate groups, including the Family Research Council, CPAC, and Turning Point USA, thereby allowing its users the unique opportunity to plot their next insurrection and rollback LGBTQ rights at the same time.

Despite his new gig, we’re still not sure Sobro will be earning enough to afford that coveted blue check mark come January.

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