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Kevin Spacey faces teen sex assault charges in court

Two-time Oscar winner and former House of Cards star Kevin Spacey showed up in court Monday morning to plead not guilty to groping an 18-year-old busboy.

Spacey, who had his long career derailed by charges of sexual misconduct, did not appear in court himself. A judge further ruled that the actor does not even have to appear during the trial, but must make himself available by phone. The next hearing will happen on March 4.

The embattled actor faces charges of sexual misconduct after allegedly groping the 18-year-old son of Boston news anchor Heather Unruh. Unruh’s son worked as a busboy at a bar called Club Car.

According to the charges, Spacey got the man drunk and groped his genitals. When Spacey excused himself to go to the bathroom, the busboy allegedly fled the scene. Spacey and his lawyers have denied all charges.

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The trial comes as the latest media circus surrounding Spacey’s conduct. In 2017, a number of men came forward claiming Spacey had sexually assaulted them, including Star Trek and Rent actor Anthony Rapp. Rapp alleged that Spacey tried to have sex with him when Rapp was only 14. Several other men then shared their own stories where Spacey allegedly fondled them.

Following the allegations by Rapp, Spacey came out of the closet as a gay man and checked into rehab for sex addiction. On Christmas, he released a bizarre video of himself as his House of Cards character encouraging viewers to not believe the charges against him.

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