Kick Off Reinterprets The Gay Soccer Film For A New Audience

In filmdom, it’s practically de rigueur for storylines to get recycled—the aging diva replaced by the conniving ingenue, the veteran cop with one last case to solve, the sexy teen who winds up falling for the nerdy classmate he initially made a cruel bet about.

One plot that’s been bouncing around Europe for a few years is that of the gay soccer squad facing a make-or-break match against a hetero team. Eleven Men Out presented the story from a Icelandic perspective, while Guys and Balls reworked it for German audiences.

Kick Off, the latest and craziest British comedy from outre writer/director Rikki Beadle-Blair (Metrosexuality), takes the theme one step further—ex-soldier Archer is the captain of a queer football club facing East London’s toughest, dirtiest team, the infamous Bethnal Reapers.

But on the other side of the pitch, the Reapers have their own problems—including a steroid-abusing defender, a cokehead midfielder and a narcissist striker with a ball-busting girlfriend. And if these clods get into one more violent clash, they’ll be kicked out of the league. Bend It Like Beckham this ain’t!

Kick Off debuts on iTunes, Amazon and other digital platforms on January 17.