Kick Off Your Day With “Pups & Pecs.” Why? Why Not?

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 2.27.45 PM

There’s a new web series that doesn’t beat around the bush. Pups & Pecs delivers, as the name might suggest, pups and pecs.

Straightforward. To the point.

Who doesn’t love a little sex appeal with their dose of cute dog “awww’s”?

Take, for instance, the third and latest installment — “Taxi.”

It’s 28 pointless yet somehow satisfying seconds of, you guessed it, a shirtless guy with a puppy hailing a cap in New York City.

Why? Why not?

But if you fancy yourself more of a public transit sort of person, they have you covered in episode two: “Train”:

And where are these guys headed in such a hurry, anyways? Well if we’re working backwards (and really, none of this makes any sense so just go with us on this one), we get to episode one — “Boardroom”:


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