Kicked Out For Kissing: Copenhagen Bar Apologizes To Gay Couple

christofferA supposedly “tolerant” bar in Copenhagen has apologized after its not so tolerant bouncer ejected a gay couple for kissing.

Christoffer Jakshøj (this cutie to the right) was getting his Friday night flirt on at Funke, a Danish bar that emphasizes “comfortable couches, candlelights on the tables and a tolerant attitude.”

“I met a cute guy during the night and we started to talk and dance a bit, before we headed to the bar,” Christoffer told Homotropolis. “We each bought a beer and stayed in the bar chatting. After a bit of talking it turned into kissing, and because of the cozy atmosphere and both of us having had a bit to drink the kissing continued. We only took breaks to smile and talk.”

Jealous, but continue:

“All in all it was pretty much a great Friday-night-catch. That was until the bouncer approached us and asked us to stop. He informed us that our behavior was not allowed in the bar, that he would not have it, and that we should go to the gay bar Cosy instead.”

Jakshøj, who works for the Danish LGBT Youth Organisation, stood up for himself and his let’s-just-say-date — as did one of the bartenders — but in the end the belligerent bouncer prevailed and the two men were kicked out of Funke. That was when Christoffer called the police and reported the incident as a hate crime.

When the cops arrived, they questioned the bouncer who was singing a different tune all together, claiming that Jakshøj and his date were “in each other’s pants” and that he wouldn’t allow that kind of behavior from gay or straight patrons. But Christoffer called him on that bit of fabrication, maintaining that they did nothing but kiss.

When he got home, Christoffer posted his story on Facebook and also emailed Funke about the incident. The bar quickly replied, apologized and invited him to discuss what happened at the bar on Monday.

“I was told that he would have a serious talk with the bouncers to ensure that everybody knows about and follow the bar’s open-minded policy. They finished off by saying that they hoped that I would visit the bar again and that I was, of course, allowed to kiss whoever I wanted,” Jakshøj said. “After the meeting I will definitely visit Funke again in the future and I will not think twice before kissing a nice guy in a straight bar again.”

All’s well that ends well, we guess, but something about this story really bothers us — namely, whatever happened to Christoffer’s kissing companion?

Photo: Michael Sondergaard