mistaken identities

This kid had a DMV worker thinking his dad was his daddy

In just 50 words, a viral post illustrates how easily father-son relationships can be mistaken for daddy-son relationships!

The post has made the rounds on Reddit, iFunny, and even the EqualityToledo Facebook page, but it came from Xavier Hunter, a paranormal investigator and YouTube vlogger.

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“So I come to the DMV with my son for his driver’s test, and this fool decides to wear his gay pride support mask,” Xavier shared, alongside a photo of himself and his son, the latter of whom is indeed wearing a rainbow face mask.

“When they called him in, the lady asks if I’m his ‘boyfriend,’ and what does my smart-ass son [do]? He says, ‘No, that’s my daddy,’” Xavier wrote, adding four crying-laughing emojis.

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Commenters on the post raved over the lad’s sense of humor with comments like, “Your son is AWESOME!” and, “You taught him well,” and, “Well played, young sir.”

And Redditors were just as impressed. “This went from great to awesome to a masterpiece real quick,” one said. And another commenter wrote, “What an icon.”

Well, who says trips to the DMV have to be boring?

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