Kids Of Gay Parents Speak Out To Show What Family Really Means

The Right still likes to cling to the idea that children of same-sex parents somehow suffer compared to nuclear families with a traditional mother and father.

But they never seem to want to hear from the children themselves.

Below, kids of gay parents share their thoughts via Whisper.

They seem like they’re doing alright to us:

I love the fact that my parents are gay because I know no matter what they will always accept me.

I have two fathers. I didn

Most people would probably feel weird about having two dads, but not me. I love it. My dads are my best friends.


I grew up with two dads and people bullied me for it, but you know what? My dads taught me to be happy no matter what.

I used to be embarrassed because I have 2 fathers. I wish I had known all they went through just to be there for me.

I was adopted as a baby. I have a loving, caring, funny family. My secret is I have two dads and I couldn

A woman told me I

I was raised by two men in love. I was never abused, sexually or otherwise, and I didn

I hate when people judge gays especially because I have two dads. I wouldn

I have two dads and they

I have two dads. Nothing is harder than learning your friends don

I have two dads and they constantly compete for my attention. Any time I do anything with one, the other gets mad and jealous. Sounds like a typical family to me lol

My dads are gay but I don

I was adopted at birth by my two dads I love them but I keep it a secret from people and I feel horrible but I don


Yes. My parents are gay. No, my childhood wasn

My parents are gay. You wouldn