Kids, This Is Why You Should Never Ever Smuggle Meth Up Your Butt

Screen-Shot-2014-07-22-at-11.01.38-AM-360x218Two years ago, LMFO released “Sexy and I Know It,” Adele set fire to the rain, and Gotye became someone we now know with “Somebody That I Used To Know.”

Feel like forever ago? Two years is no joke, and that’s how long it’ll be until gay porn actor Phillip Gizzie once again hears the chimes of freedom.

Early this summer, a sweaty and erratic Knight was detained at LAX after an anonymous tip to the DEA clued security in to the possibility that he might have a stowaway traveling with him.

And wouldn’t you know it, turned out he’d inserted three bags of meth weighing a total of half a pound up his chute in hopes of traveling back to London with the goods.

He pled guilty to a federal count of possession with intent to distribute meth, which carries a 20-year maximum sentence.

“I am sorry to you and your country,” he told U.S. District Judge Manuel Real.

His defense attorney tried to argue for a six-month sentence based on the premise that most of the meth was for Knight’s personal use and that he wasn’t a “sophisticated drug dealer,” but the judge and prosecution disagreed.

“The transportation of drugs internationally is a very serious offense,” the prosecutor said outside the courtroom.

In a scene from the 2011 porno film Security Control, Knight plays an airport security guard who searches another porn actor’s body for drugs. Just food for thought.