Kids Want To Be Loud In The West Village

youth on christopher st pier

It’s getting pretty fancy over at the Christopher St. Pier since it became part of the Hudson River Park in 2003. The Pier has traditionally been a place for queer kids to gather and play next to the hookers who gather and work, all of which creates some amount of noise that irritates the neighbors. It’s been an ongoing issue, but now that the Pier is subject to the NYC Parks 1am closing time, the kids, many of whom are of color, are getting louder in their demands that the park stay open until 4am, accusing the city of racism, and the neighbors are getting more annoyed.

Rod over at Rod 2.0 lives in the neighborhood and has a personal take on the issue:

Maybe ten or fifteen years ago we would have totally sided with the kids and the activists. But today? Not a chance. No racism here, boys and girls. Just grow up and stop acting out.

We’re with Rod in that sleep is pretty important, even for teenagers. Plus we definitely never got to hang out even until 1am when we were that age, so what more do these brats want?

Gay and Loud [Village Voice via Rod 2.0]