annabelle who?

Killer doll M3GAN is already slaying the gays with bonkers new horror trailer

Screenshot: ‘M3GAN,’ Universal Pictures

Often times, gay icons are like diamonds—they’re not born overnight, they take time to crystallize into exalted figures of the queer community.

But M3GAN? Well, M3GAN is different. She was an icon from the moment she first stared at us with those icy blue doll eyes.

It all started this spring when fright-forward production company Blumhouse shared the poster for M3GAN, a new film produced by modern horror maestro James Wan (InsidiousThe ConjuringMalignant). There she was, M3GAN: Those sandy-blonde tresses, that statement pussy bow, the outfit that’s giving “Christian Girl Autumn” but somehow even more frightening.

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Immediately, the gays were living. They called her a girlboss. They dubbed her “yassified Annabelle.” Gawker even went so far as to name her “the It Girl we need right now.” All of that based off of one photo, one simple promotional poster.

Cut to six months later, the first official trailer for M3GAN has dropped. And, girls? Oh my god were we right to stan this one. See for yourself:

The first minute or so establishes the basics: After the sudden death of her parents, a young girl named Cady (The Haunting of Hill House‘s Violet McGraw) goes to live with her aunt, Gemma (Allison Williams, of Girls and Get Out fame). As it turns out, Gemma’s a brilliant roboticist who’s been working on prototype AI designed to be a companion for children, which she decides to introduce to Cady. Okay, sure, straightforward enough!

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Even before all hell breaks loose, there are early signs here that M3GAN is destined for future cult classic status: There’s M3GAN serving fall fashion realness, there’s the inclusion of Taylor Swift’s Lover deep cut “It’s Nice To Have A Friend,” and there’s the mere presence of Allison Williams, whose post-Girls run continues to surprise us.

Screenshot: ‘M3GAN,’ Universal Pictures

But the mood immediately shifts at the 1:21 mark, when M3GAN refutes Gemma’s order that Cady eat her vegetables, and then refuses to turn off. A minute slay, but the first of many.

From there, the trailer goes all-out bonkers, revealing itself to be a tech-forward update to Child’s Play‘s sociopathic doll formula. We have M3GAN giving Gemma the death stare, M3GAN threatening a young boy, M3GAN running on all fours, M3GAN turning office supplies into murder weapons, M3GAN antagonizing the hilarious Brian Jordan Alvarez, M3GAN busting out some incredible dance moves… Honey, let us breathe! It’s too much! (In a good way.)

Naturally, Twitter is already hailing M3GAN as the new meme queen, with enthusiastic reactions ranging from “Okay, werk!” to “YAAAAAAAAS!”

Annabelle better watch out: M3GAN is coming for her crown.

And M3GAN’s big hallway dance showcase is well on its way to the Meme Hall Of Fame:

Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s M3GAN. How can we possibly wait until that January 13 release day?

Anyway, Happy National Coming Out Day!

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