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Kim Davis Leaves Jail, Gives “God The Glory,” Poses With Mike Huckabee

Batten down the hatches, she’s free at last! Kim Davis, the many times-married Christian do-gooder who went to the slammer for refusing to give same-sex couples their legal right to marry, is out among the law-abiding citizens of Rowan County, Kentucky. As Survivor’s anthemic “Eye of the Tiger” was blasted from loudspeakers, Kimmy took center stage awash in tears as she addressed a throng of many hundreds of animals supporters. “Thank you all so much. I love you all so very much,” she told the crowd. “I just want to give God the glory. His people have rallied, and you are a strong people! We serve a living God who knows exactly where each and every one of us is at. Keep on pressing. Don’t let down. Because He is here and He is worthy.” The He she’s referring to is GOP presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee, who came to town to troll for votes introduce the woman whose homophobia he bizarrely compared to Lincoln’s fight against slavery. We’re not sure we’d call him “worthy,” Kimbo. Watch Mike-n-Kim milk it for all it’s worth below (can someone send us a dance remix of Kim’s moving little exit speech?).

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  • Brock Bailey

    she should stay in jail longer……

  • Archie Caine

    Oh, good, pander to the churchians

  • Sam Theman

    Just another ass I won’t vote for.

  • Troy E. Pelaar

    Why the hell was she released? Is she going to do her job? Why no more details?

  • David Ponce

    Everyone loves a martyr.

  • April Chandler Plaksa

    Jail might have been a bit much. Just tell me she doesn’t have a job anymore.

  • Judy Rae Jackson

    And tomorrow she will be back in her office, denying marriage licenses.

  • Octavio Roca

    Supernatural bullshit in 2015, the country is doomed.

  • David Mack

    WHORE CUNT Mouth is FREE… ! !

  • Mercurical Memo

    So how are those gays in Iran doing? Oh those Muslims they are terrible! Terrible. Not like the freedom loving people in the USA. Folks we’ve arrived! In the USA a gay person can be free. Here’s hoping no queer youth grow up around these people, because then they might as well be in Iran no? How’s Putin’s Russia.

    Kim Davis you’re so delicious you give me cavities. The next time self-righteous Americans point fingers, you, Phil Robertson and the slew of Republicans aiding you is enough to shut any arguments against Russia from here to Beijing.

  • Gary Hecklinger

    She will be defiant again!! Watch and see

  • Marrah Goodman

    These people are all insane and dangerous. They want a theocracy. Look around the world at countries ruled by religion….. would you want to live in any of them? Which version of Christianity gets to make the rules? If people like that are allowed to change our country, how long would it be until they start telling people that they are not the right sort of Christian?

  • Cian Oldershaw

    Bitch, stop glorifying yourself. You’ve been allowed out under supervision, like a toddler that’s briefly allowed to sleep without potty-training pants.

    You have not been wronged. You are the one doing the wrong to others.

  • Laura N Mclean

    I dislike the hero reception she is getting. Jail might have been an over reaction but celebrating her flat out refusal to follow the law, that’s just weird. She’s not done a thing to deserve that.

  • Jeffrey Thomas

    “Plaintiffs who had sued the defiant county clerk asked the court to release Davis after her deputies issued marriage licenses to same-sex couples.” Yes, the gay couples she persecuted acted more “christian” towards her by showing forgiveness than she ever did towards them. That is how you do christianity right. These right wing fake christians are political not godly. They could learn a lot from the gay couples this woman religiously persecuted.

  • Jc Rodriguez

    pathetic hateful christian… agh!!!!!!!

  • Matthew Katz

    She’ll be back!

  • Robert Christian

    Kim Davis the Kentucky clerk stepped out of the Jail as if she “won an award”. The fame she has been given is beyond anything I have ever seen. This is not a game or award show she is playing out. Same sex marriage is legal period. Enough of the anger about it, enough of the debate. It is over. Kim has the right to do her job but does not have the right to dictate whom she or her office will issue marriage license to.(All Facebook friends request are accepted)

  • Manakin Taylor

    Puuuuleeeze lol Hagatha thinks she’s a star now. Lmao Girl get a makeover.

  • Bob LaBlah

    She will get the Linda Tripp treatment all the way thru. Tripp was the one who reported Monica (the little whore) Lewdinsky and Clinton to the media. Tripp was treated like royalty until there was no more use for her (as in Clinton leaving office with a very high popularity rating). She moved to Middleburg, Va into an $800k house in the belief she would get some money out of her lawsuit. She won the damn suit but did NOT see one dime of the $500k because it ALL went to her attorneys in fees. The republicans did NOT return her weeping filled phone calls.

    Just wait folks. I bet the same happens to this ol’ whore.

  • Zach Jewell

    She is a very pathetic cunt

  • Hector Pagan

    Wow and she’ll be back to old ways ???sad

  • Jayson A Messner

    Kim Davis released from jail with Mike Fukabee skipping beside her like a little fat fairy that just found his fat whore to try and help with his failing presidential bid.

  • Janice Lloyd

    God doesn’t WANT this kind of “glory”.

  • Mark CoChenour

    Uhhh, she was given the choice without even having to go to jail to allow her employees to issue licenses. She backed down after being thrown in jail… It wasn’t God who did this for her, she just backed down and is just taking the offer they gave her before even going to jail.

  • David Lee King

    shes happy because she finally ate some pie

  • Noel Hoklin

    She gives god the glory. He’s saying, “thanks but that wasn’t me”.

  • John Kuehnle

    I don’t understand why she’s being treated like Mother Theresa, or a Kardasian? She doesn’t deserve it.

  • Masc Pride

    @Troy E. Pelaar: Jails are running out of space. People who commit far worse crimes are let go all the time. Even if she goes back, she won’t be there for long. They may just fire her if she continues to refuse, in which case I’m sure GoFundMe will make her a billionaire overnight.

  • Gus Anderson

    She is now the official meat-puppet of GOP politics and they will use her to buy votes…..and then they will throw her away since she is a useless woman.

  • Ari Rosen

    Let us all pray for her that she softens her heart if past few days have taught any lessons is that she can’t limit the happiness between two people regardless of sexual orientation. ???

  • Bauhaus

    @Bob LaBlah:

    I’d almost forgotten that Tripp sullied Middleburg with her little Christmas store.

  • Jose Longoria Jr.

    There is no glory for you, Kim Davis, only delusions of grandeur.

  • Allan Gray

    Just lost my lunch

  • William Bowman

    bet your her frist stop was at dunkin donuts and burgerking; doesn’t look like the jail diet did that much for her

  • Michael Clifford

    She’ll be back in jail in a day or two when she violates the release orders.

  • Bob LaBlah

    @Bauhaus: What little Christmas store? I didnt hear about this. If you have the details please tell them. I find shit like this (being hell bent to do others in only to have it backfire) very entertaining. Thank you.

  • Ean Triston Nelson

    She won’t be able to keep her ignorant mouth shut and follow the law and will be back in jail for the same reason in no time.

  • Sam D. Maloney

    Hope she doesn’t unpack– she’ll be back inside by the weekend.

  • Joe Maier

    What a dum bitch o well its only a matter of time before she back in prison lol

  • Sheldon Siegel

    I hope she dies in a fire.

  • Tim Cravens

    Something that isn’t getting much attention, because the media doesn’t really understand religion, is that she is a Oneness Pentecostal (they often use the term “Apostolic” to describe themselves) — they reject the Trinity and believe that baptism in the name of Jesus Christ (NOT in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, as most Christians baptize) and speaking in tongues is required for salvation. So while she is thanking her lawyer (a Seventh-Day Adventist minister) and Mike Huckabee (a Southern Baptist minister), she actually belongs to a church that believes the two of them are going to hell because they don’t share her church’s beliefs.

  • Tony Chaplinski

    wipe that grin off of her face

  • Patrick Laney

    I hope she doesn’t allow marriage licenses to be issued. Get back in your cage you loon…

  • Charles Winston

    Huckabee? He is an IDIOT! He is running for President Hell No! He need to respect the Law of the Land. And separate church from the State. What is wrong with our Country. That ugly hypocrite bitch was married 4 times. She needs to separate church from the state. I hope the State will finally remove here from the State as a 4 times married bitch. UGH! Is there anything in the State contrat about separating Church from her line of work?

  • Brian William

    Fucking fuckabee and this is a fucking puke fest !!!!

  • Martin RJ

    Your the weak link!!!fire that bitches ass…You went to jail,you lost and you and trash like you will continue loosing…LOVE IS THE MOST POWERFUL THAN WORDS CAN BE..YOU ARE A HATEFUL INSECT…HATE HAS NO PULL.

  • Bob LaBlah

    @Bauhaus: It turns out it wasn’t her broke ass who put up the money to get it opened. It also seems the “neighbors” found the store too damn pricey. $400 for a German nutcracker IS a bit much. I guess those country ass neighbors figured out it was cheaper to simply crush the damn nut with another one in the palm of your hand. Thanks, I enjoyed the laugh.,,20149009,00.html

  • Barb Kipper

    A pitiful example to the youth of our country.

  • Mike Western

    Now let us forget the bigotted bitch exists

  • Finrod

    I’m waiting for a Christian cop to put down his gun because his faith tells him to turn the other cheek.

    Bueller? Bueller?

  • Mikki Hurley

    Amazing I can be fired in half the states in this country for being gay, yet this gal thinks her rights have been violated???

  • Donald Jecker

    Oh PU-LEEEEZE ! Put your hands down. You didn’t win anything. You still broke the law and can still get fined. And if you fail to follow judges orders, you can still be thrown BACK into the “clink”!

  • Paul Castilonia

    Where’s the Lightning when you need it?

  • Brian JC Kneeland

    She should read the bible again – where it says to obey civil authories because they were put in place by God!

  • Dave Johnston

    She accomplished nothing

  • Bauhaus

    @Bob LaBlah:

    Lots of high profile people in and around Middleburg. Nobody bothers anybody – it’s a lovely place. Christmas in Middleburg is *very* nice.

  • Captain Obvious

    Her “fame” is temporary, that face she’ll have to live with forever.

  • Joey Nesbitt

    I have no sympathy for someone who uses God as an excuse to Hate.

  • Rick Goodrich

    She (and her supporters) are setting Christianity back with their legalistic beliefs. Thank God above that they are in the Christian minority.

    Matt. 7:1 “Do not judge, or you too will be judged.”

    Romans 13:1-5 Let every person be subject to the governing authorities…. those that exist have been instituted by God. Therefore whoever resists the authorities resists what God has appointed, and those who resist will incur judgment.

    I grew up in a church with people just like them and they are the most closed minded, bigoted, hateful, unloving and judgmental people I’ve ever met. Their bullies!

  • John Malin

    Hope the dumbass sow just does her f’n job.

  • Kristopher Saim

    I thought Mike Huckabee was God?

  • youarekiddingme

    @Masc Pride: She can’t be fired, she was elected. Gofundme rules changed in April. They already said they won’t allow a site to be set up for her.

  • Jeff Sweet

    She nasty !

  • Paul V. Vitagliano

    Huckabee can’t sell his “Christian” snake oil to the unwashed masses without having a cash cow like Kim Davis.

    Emphasis on COW…

  • Tim V Johnson

    Oh, Kim, don’t celebrate just yet… XO

  • Jim Baney

    I just threw up. .. Huckabee damn sure is inciting the religious zealots, hate mongers, and bigots

  • Jim Baney

    I bet she screws with them when they go back to record the marriages

  • Mike Weakley

    I am glad I do not live in her county.

  • Sidney Tucker

    I was hoping she’d stay in long enough to have a prison wife. That would have been proof of god

  • Brian

    Most of the women on American TV are incredibly fake. They have fake hair color, fake boobs, fake eyelashes, false nails etc. They even wear high-heel shoes to make them seem much taller than they really are. It’s all very fake.

    It’s refreshing to see a woman like Kim Davis who is what she is. She’s not pretending to be something she isn’t. Her physical appearance is what it is. She’s not trying to hide it.

  • Jennifer Candea

    Kim Davis and George Wallace back to back in history.

  • Luis H. Lopez

    She will be right back in jail cause she still has to issue marriage licenses to gays !

  • Billy Budd

    She has got to be fired. Please. Immediatelly.

  • Bruce Maynard-Holly

    Funny how she thinks she is giving God glory. God, thinks she is a idiot. Know wonder why heaven is empty cause idiots like her r not wellcome in God’s glory. (Just saying u can not change stupid)

  • Jason Pendleton

    so why is she out of jail again?

  • youarekiddingme


    Yea, great huh? Just a hypocrite and her fake religion. Christians are supposed to Love thy Neighbor…not descriminate against them!

  • saericksonfl

    She didn’t win.

    She was released with the expectation that she doesn’t interfere with the issuance of Marriage Certificates in the government public office (gay or straight).

    An oath is an oath Mr. Huckebee. Apparently an oath means nothing to Mr. Hickebee.

    The rocky theme and all was over the top – Huckabee is now finished.

  • Gabriel Reyes

    When delusion becomes the norm.

  • Bauhaus


    Didn’t take long for the women bashing. Smeds, now Brian. Same old crap out of you.

  • Desert Boy

    Mike Huck-a-Bible’s goons were seen pushing Ted Cruz out of camera range. Huck-a-Bible wanted all the attention and he go it.

  • Ryan James Breakwell

    Compared her to Lincolns fight against slavery…heres hopong she gets assasinated like Lincoln…and im not violent…but someone give me a gun…i will do her in!

  • Kate Dennis

    So… the authorities bowed down to pressure from Kim’s buddy Mike Huckabee. They should be ashamed.

  • saericksonfl

    I’m recording this as this could be turned against me. Here is a prime example:

    I don’t like the America’s Government – they stand against my religion. I’m an ISIS believer that lives in America.

    Once again FEDS – this is an example.

    Separation of Church and State is essential for our country. Do I have this wrong?

    I don’t want a president that doesn’t take Separation of Church and State as a serious matter.

  • William M Arnold

    Nasty hypocritical moron !! Attention seeking fraud !!

  • Nate Topaha

    Kim Davis is one crazy church lady!!!!

  • Realitycheck

    So what? Nothing has changed, if she still refuses to issue licenses or
    she orders her deputies to…
    She is going back to jail, and she will, she is that stupid.

  • ScottOnEarth

    Unlike modern-day “Christians,” I don’t claim to hear God speaking to me but I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t want to the glory or credit for a woman who promotes, espouses and insists upon discrimination and exclusion. She is the face of evil and so are the pathetic politicians who flew to her side to get their hateful asses in front of the camera. These assholes are fast-dying fossils who are so far on the wrong side of history that they are an unfunny joke.

  • Realitycheck

    @Troy E. Pelaar:
    Here we go!

    S. District Judge David Bunning ordered that Davis be released from jail — five days after he sent her there — saying he was satisfied that her deputies fulfilled their obligations to give marriage licenses to same-sex couples in her absence.

    But Bunning’s new order says Davis cannot interfere with her deputies issuing marriage licenses to all legally eligible couples.

    That means Davis will find herself behind bars again if she does anything to prevent the marriages from taking place.

    And this is the extremely telling part……………..

    Asked by a reporter whether her stay in jail was worth it, Davis smiled and nodded.

    LOL she will refuse again and will be trow again in jail……..

  • Renee Lanzilli Serrano

    Rich-do you know she has been married 4 times…I heard it on the news! Who is she to pick and choose what applies to her and what doesn’t? So very ignorant and how is what she is doing Christian? We are suppose to accept and love all no matter what our beliefs and choices! Another example of a very insecure person.

  • Lee Sweeney

    Money for me Money, money , money!!!!!

  • Rodney Davis

    This is a woman with a very troubled sad soul just look at how she thrives on the attention that she is receiving from her behavior all in the name of Christianity. And can someone please help me out here I am NOT a biblical scholar but doesn’t it say in the Bible we are to obey the laws of the land ? Or did I just write a new chapter

  • Thom Spillman

    The only question…and this has been my thought on her from the start…is how is she going to cash in…should be illegal for her to get one single penny in donations or anything.

  • BlueDude

    @Tim Cravens: Oh, My God! What fabulous info there! The Baptist is the least kookoo of the three denominations, which is scary in itself. Huckleberry must not have heard the Sou. Baptist Conv. lawyers say that “religious freedom” is NOT the same as not upholding the law.

  • Rodney Davis

    What I don’t understand is that equal marriage is law of the land put into place by the highest court. So why is that the higher court and higher government getting involved to remove this woman from her job. Remember when they made the law for segregation and how then governor Wallace blocked the doorway to the school oh, how did that turn out

  • BlueDude

    @BlueDude: In the Book of Romans it says (and I paraphrase) to obey the laws, and those who are in authority, because God has put them in authority.

  • Faye Denton

    I think someone needs to sit Kim Davis down and have a good talk with her. She acts like she’s a hero and she is not. She’s a person who refused to do her job, that she receives a fine paycheck for from American taxpayers. She could easily quit but no she had to be rotten about it. That isn’t nice at all.

  • Jeff Lassiter

    You’d think at 80K a year the bitch and her husband (I’m assuming his name is jethro or Jim bob or something like that based on his apparent ‘dress’ clothes) could afford a stylist and toothpaste.

  • GG

    The worst thing about this hatefest: What an ugly display of blatant, unbridled bigotry. Makes me ashamed to be an American.

    The best things about this hatefest: 1) Sen Cruz was essentially Huck-blocked as he couldn’t maneuver his way around buttercup Huckabee’s loathsomeness (when’s the last time THAT happened to a sitting U.S. Senator?); 2) This brazen show of intolerance and discrimination will drive even more people away from religion.

    Davis will not heed the the terms of judge’s release order, because gawd. Her ass will be back in jail faster than they will have had a chance to disinfect from her last visit.

  • grayshade69

    Heres a thought. We should go to the Government page and start a PETITION to get her righteous ass FIRED for NOT doing her damn JOB!!

  • Ed Sena

  • Rudy Labsilica


  • Garth

    Let us hope that her heart softens to the same consistency of her head !

  • Brian Crim


  • NJjoe

    Huckabee and Cruz, if they were smart men (obviously they are not), would not attach themselves to this hill billy adulteress.

    PS: She’s seen the marriage aisle more than I’ve seen the bathouses.

  • Realitycheck

    @Chris Pepper Larson: @Rodney Davis: Rodney SCOTUS did not make a law, SCOTUS looked over existing laws and declare it was discrimination not to allow gays to marry.
    The reason SCOTUS doesn’t get involved is because the sixth USA district federal judge is handling this.
    Contrary to popular believe the judge was not soft, the judge follow all the required steps until finally Davis was charged with contempt of court.
    But then the judge surprised everyone, the judge should have given Davis; daily incremental fines for weeks, until she finally agree to do her job, unless she had refused for a very long time, she should have not gone to jail.
    ASs we all know the judge jailed her immediately with good reasons.

    Now it would seem the judge released her too early, but her only crime was contempt of court, so once the court was satisfied with having the situation corrected Davis should have
    been released.
    Not doing her job is a misdemeanor called misconduct and the attorney general of Kentucky is looking in to that after 2 charges for misconduct have been filed against Davis.
    That will also lead to fines and jail time so the road is still on for Davis.
    And here is the real pickle for Kim Davis, “IF” she denies again licenses, or she try to stop her deputies from issuing licenses, she will go back to jail, the judge that released her made that clear; giving Davis a direct order not to interfere with licenses.
    And even if she behave, there are still 2 lawsuits for damages against her.

  • o.codone

    Pretend for a moment that you’ve never been to Queerty before. So, you click onto the comment section of any of the stories, and what do you find? Strident, screaming, the use of the c word, the f word the b word and idiot, moron, bi*got, pathetic, stupid. WOW! Gays on here are so full of hatred and they’re apparently not afraid to scream that fact to the world. You guys look really awful. I’m embarrassed for you.

  • OhHellNo

    Leave it to a white-trash hillbilly to go to jail, be released only if she doesn’t do it again, and still think she won. Otherwise she’d know that posing with Huckster means supporting the child molester that he also supports.

  • OhHellNo

    @grayshade69: She can’t be fired, and a Repugnican Kenfucky legislature isn’t going to recall her. Can’t we just nuke Kentucky before Fuckabee leaves?

  • youarekiddingme


    Here you go again. Why do you even jump into these forums? Some of the words listed above have very descriptive, defined meanings…look them up, expand your vocabulary. Do you not know what a bigot is for example? May I direct you to

    Idiot, moron, pathetic, stupid are all adjectives as well. Again a trip to the dictionary website would be of benefit to you. Hateful? Be descriminated against is not a loving act now is it? Ever been denied housing or healthcare because you’re gay? How about not being entitled to your husband’s pension/healthcare benefits? Know anyone who has? How about losing your job because you’re gay? All very loving, caring acts huh? And “the gays on here are being hateful…”

    Please, Check Yourself!

  • Daniel-Reader

    She says her religion is above the law so everyone should get restraining orders against her, lest she go even more cray-cray.

  • NJjoe

    George Takei put it this way via Twitter:

    “Well this is a bit of a circus. So let us be clear: This woman is no hero to be celebrated. She broke her oath to uphold the Constitution and defied a court order so she could deny government services to couples who are legally entitled to be married. She is entitled to hold her religious beliefs, but not to impose those beliefs on others. If she had denied marriage certificates to an interracial couple, would people cheer her? Would presidential candidates flock to her side? In our society, we obey civil laws, not religious ones. To suggest otherwise is, simply put, entirely un-American.”

  • Billysees

    I…must be obedient to…the Word of God, Davis once wrote.

    Then why isn’t she obedient to Romans 13:1-5?

    1. Everyone must submit to governing authorities. For all authority comes from God, and those in positions of authority have been placed there by God.

    2. So anyone who rebels against authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and they will be punished.

    3. For the authorities do not strike fear in people who are doing right, but in those who are doing wrong. Would you like to live without fear of the authorities? Do what is right, and they will honor you.

    4. The authorities are God’s servants, sent for your good. But if you are doing wrong, of course you should be afraid, for they have the power to punish you. They are God’s servants, sent for the very purpose of punishing those who do what is wrong.

    5. So you must submit to them, not only to avoid punishment, but also to keep a clear conscience.


    Read also —

  • Kevan1

    Comparing Lincoln and Kim Davis is an insult to Lincoln. Remember Lincoln was gay. There are love letters between Lincoln and his male lovers.( A well know fact to most Historians.) I do not believe Lincoln would want any one to think either of them had anything in common.

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