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  • Jordan Lee

    I wish she would kill herself

  • Cam

    Have you seen the two latest attempts by the right wing to try to distract from this woman’s bigoted attack on civil rights?

    1. They try to claim that bring up her committing adultery in violation of the Biblical rules she claims to live by is…….Slut Shaming. LOL

    2. They are trying to claim that she had a religious epiphany 4 years ago, and God forgave her for all of her past misdeeds, (Thereby negating the cheating, lying, and adultery).

    The only problem with number 2 is, that according to the Bible (Which she claims to live by) she is STILL committing adultery every single day she does not go back to her first husband. So sorry right wing bigots, your phony defenses won’t work.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Somewhere around the middle of this board game of (Kentucky) life, polygamy popped into my head. Then 1 bride for 7 brothers…then…oh, let me get back to work.

  • Ladbrook

    Any word on that book deal or speaking tour she’s been auditioning for?

    I mean, come on… these divorce attorneys ain’t cheap – and I’m sure she’s already fooling around with future husband number five while trying to get pregnant with future husband number six.

  • Stu Hipwell

    LOL – hysterical, cuz it’s all true!

  • David Adier

    2015: While in jail, Kim Davis is visited by Mike Huckabee. It’s love at first site. Kim and Mike carry on a secret romance until after the Presidential election. Huckabee wins. They each divorce their spouses and marry each other immediately. That is how Kim Davis became the First Lady of the United States of America. #murica

  • Brian JC Kneeland

    She will say she didn’t know God until recently – which makes me wonder how real her commitment is!

  • Finrod

    I would like to nominate the maker of this chart for a Nobel Prize in the field of hypocritology.

    @Cam: I considered the question of slut-shaming, but I think that this fails the test for several reasons. The first is that Ms. Davis is the one who framed the discussion based on Old Testament sexual mores. She is, by the standards that she applies to others, a harlot.

    The second is that slut-shaming criticizes women for doing things that (in the mind of the creeps who do it) harm the women themselves. Or possibly cause some vague, indefinable harm to the social contract. Ms. Davis is doing actual harm, not to herself, but to law-abiding taxpayers. If she can deny the benefits of citizenship based on being gay, she can be called out for harlotry.

    We should, however, stop calling her a bitch and fat-shaming her. It’s not only offensive, but shows a disappointing lack of creativity and verbal dexterity.

    And why are we not talking about the fact that one of her six assistants is her own son? Shouldn’t there be some sort of corruption probe when an elected official hires her own relatives for a taxpayer-funded position? Or possibly the entire population of Kentucky consists of first cousins or closer relatives.

  • Kieran

    Forget contempt of court, she deserves to be in jail for first degree hypocrisy.

  • jkb

    What the living fuck, Kim. As a fairly open-minded person I can almost condone your shenanigans until 1996 as you were young and ignorant like most of us at that age. But for fuck’s sake, you bring a whole new meaning to neurosis and had the voters known of how cavalier you are about your own commitment to marriage, they would have thought twice about putting you in the clerk’s office where your tarnished name would appear on certificates authorizing same. Just sayin…

  • Zekester

    You left out a very important box before her mug shot.

    The one that points out that Kim Davis, after being forgiven by her god for her three divorces and four marriages, continues to give marriage licenses to divorced people even though her new found Lord and Savior Jesus Christ specifically FORBADE it.

  • Zekester

    @Kieran: and crimes against hair and fashion!

  • jwtraveler

    @Jordan Lee: She’s not my BFF either, but let’s not let our moral indignation run away with our sense of decency and perspective. She’s a self-righteous hypocrite, not a serial killer.

  • martinbakman

    She’s found Jeezuz ya’ll and wants everyone else to follow His way. All that whoring and cheating is water over the dam. Jeezuz makes us clean and whole again. With that fat ol’ puss, one would think her cheatin’ ways have been retired. Amen.

  • BlueDude

    The County Attorney says Davis is doing all this drama for the benefit of the law firm representing her so they can publicize all the Christian martyr crap to the max, for the benefit of all the religiotard GOP base, which can be used for the “attack on Christians” nonsense. How much of the info, such as this article, is revealed in the nut-wing media?

  • UncleFloppy

    Spouse number five is going to be a lesbian she meets in prison.

  • Wahya73

    @Jordan Lee: Yeah.. wishing death on someone, just because you disagree with them actually makes you look pretty pathetic. Grow up.

  • Felix Duarte

    Got it. Wonder who #5 will be?

  • Stephen Mole

    Beggars belief. It’s like ‘I’m for traditional marriage’ Trump who’s been married three times.

  • s312g

    @Brian JC Kneeland: Her conviction is real. Born again Christians are always the craziest.

  • Ladbrook

    At this point, she really does belong in the Christian Marriage Hall of Fame with the likes of Rush Limbaugh (4), Newt Gingrich (3), and Josh Duggar. She’s a role model of purity!

  • Josefine Lorentzdotter

    People that found a religion at old age, often have problem to balance in life with it. Everything becoms black and white. She seems to had a lot of problems in the past. I guess that she feels that if she is acting (in for her), a grey area, then she is scared to loose everything and go back to her troubled life. She should get a job, where she don’t hurt others feelings, and she can be in peace with her life.

  • NJjoe

    She should have stuck to issuing licenses and her torrid past wouldn’t have become public. She shot herself in the foot. She’s dumb is as a door nail.

    By the look of her past, no wonder she fears God.

  • Deb Kerak

    ugly ugly woman

  • NJjoe

    @Jay A. Scaramazzo:

    Beyond white trash. You know when ever someone is so vehement, especially when it becomes to anti-gay, I become suspect of their own personal life. Davis has proven me right again.

  • NJjoe

    She has an ugly heart.

  • Merv

    Did she convert to Christianity in 2011, or did she have a born again experience that year? I have a feeling she considered herself a Christian her entire life.

  • AxelDC

    It doesn’t matter if Davis is the Virgin Mary. She is a government official charged with executing the law. Her job is to make sure that marriage applicants are legally eligible to wed. The US Supreme Court directly told her to grant licenses to same-sex couples. If she refuses, she is in contempt of court.

    Public officials must execute their duties according to the law, not according to their personal beliefs.

  • Kangol

    Still more articles about this hom0phobic hag?

    Why not even one article about the brave young white trans woman in Hillsboro, Missouri, whose classmates staged a walk out to defend her right to use the girls’ facilities at Hillsboro High School there?

    These young people live in the Bible Belt, but they are standing up for LGBTIQ rights. This young woman is raelly brave, and her classmates who are defending her are truly impressive and give a lot of hope for the future of LGBTIQ equality.

  • Bob LaBlah

    I knew it. I KNEW IT. I knew it would only be a matter of time before the right-wing would figure out some kind of way to drag Martin Luther King into this “battle to save Christianity”. Her lawyers decided to take that route in the hope of dragging black evangelicals into this foolish woman’s plight.

    This time around I hope they (the black church) decide to look at history as to how people like this ol’ frustrated hillbilly denied interracial marriages and kicked and scrammed until their “leaders” told them to sit down, accept that times had changed and shut the fuck up, more or less. Its time the public learned that religion is nothing else but a belief.

  • Bob LaBlah

    @Kangol: I sent that article in to Queerty over a week ago and got no response. Over the past year I have sent in numerous articles regarding gays that went ignored, more or less.

    I remember the days when they would at least acknowledge they received your attempt to help spread news in regards to gays with a simply, friendly thank you response via email but lately I am beginning to believe I have been put on their blocked email list.

  • GayEGO

    Maybe Kim Davis should try marrying a woman since her heterosexual marriages have been failures. Who knows, maybe she is a homophobic who hates herself and uses religion to hide behind in the closet.

  • NJjoe


    She’d stick out like a sore thumb in a Lesbian bar.

  • David Anderson

    So it’s actually Kimberly Wallace Davis McIntyre Davis. We need a middle name here then we’re done.

  • Linda Robinson

    Well, she is certainly the moral compass I’d want to follow.

  • vonlmo

    The Whore of Babylon.

  • Kangol

    @Bob LaBlah: I sometimes think Queerty doesn’t want to cover anything that doesn’t involve young, cis-gender white gay males, or celebrities who may or may not be gay. Older gays, gays who are not white, lesbians, trans people, etc. don’t register. That young white trans woman, though, really should be featured on here, because SHE is what bravery looks like.

    She is not in a big city, she is not famous, she is not rich, and she is not hiding in the closet. And she could use the support of gay, bi and trans people from around the country. What’s also impressive about her story is that her classmates, themselves not rich or famous, but working-class midwestern teenagers, supported her enough to stage a walkout, despite the fact that some of their parents and many neighbors are openly hom0phobic. That’s bravery too.

    I know, it’s not hot twinks in speedos or some young Brit who came out after years of being closeted or some tragic or awful story of a gay person of color or yet another white Christian hom0phobe who wants to make everyone’s life as miserable as theirs is, but it merits coverage on Queerty.

  • Bob LaBlah

    @Kangol: All of that notwithstanding lets go back to Little Ms. Ungreatful. Yes, you read the correctly. That is what I refer to her as. The school decided NOT to make a fuss about him and a few other boys who wear dresses and makeup. They even gave them a SPECIFIC bathroom for THEIR use as a tradeoff of no one complaining about them.

    Now girl wants to enter the girls bathroom, locker room……I say it is time to tell her to QUIT rocking the boat. If they give in to him now what’s gonna happen in a few years after he graduates and becomes an adult and finds out no one with a job to offer are going to be as generous? I hate to be so blunt but it is time to tell this little boy that he has been more than compensated and it is time to accept the reality of the world that he lives in.

    I honestly am thinking more of him in the long run than the right now. I mean really, no one bothered him or his friends and they all had plenty of friends. How many gay kids are out there who ARENT transgender and have to suffer because they have no one that will listen to them and make accommodations for them? I think it was in Little Rock where a black kid was assaulted multiple times and NOTHING was done about it. Charges weren’t even brought against his attackers and he was also attacked at the mall after he went public with it.

    It is pretty obvious now that he is under the impression “scream loud enough and they will give in”, well this time I stand wtih the school and the parents. You have been given more than enough now go sit your ass down somewhere and study. The girls bathroom is for girls. You have your own bathroom now shut up.

  • Ima Tiered

    I never understand how the gay community has so little compassion for those that are different, when it isn’t something they THINK it should be. Just because her come to Jesus moment was further along in her life, does not make it less so! And funny QUEERTY thinks, only those who agree with their slanted views are worthy of promoting! My understanding was, she was willing to issue the licenses, but preferred to not have to affix her name to it. Of course, if you are Muslim, you can get that stupid thing about head coverings being removed for government photos removed, even though you can be hiding your identity and even your sex. But I digress, you also do not have to be a LEGAL bona fide member of the United States to collect welfare, food stamps, or get a Drivers license, in fact, you can get your own special line and in your preferred language, because English is just an option here! Si ?Hablo Espanol! What a bunch of hypocrites you all are! You want your rights, but everyone else can go pound salt?! Don’t worry, the same people that stripped her of her freedom today, may be the same that strip you of yours, as I think our rights are being violated here too! What happened to being able to be a Conscientious Objector and still being able to serve? YUP! Still there, but if you are some divorced white woman, turned to Jesus, you can be crucified? I guess its a good thing the world is getting more tolerant? If only THAT WERE TRUE! Do not ask for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee!

  • dijopahixi

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  • Clark35

    Who cares? I’m sick and tired of hearing about this woman.

  • TampaBayTed

    Nobody has explained how her son got to be a deputy clerk in her office. Nepotism? Did he take a civil service exam? He was one of the holdout also who refused to issue marriage licenses when the four other clerks swore to the judge they would.

  • CFBear27

    Setting up a flow chart to point out her life flaws is a bit excessive! I doubt that bullying will change anything regarding this entire circus. She is not changing her mind and she will milk her 15 minutes of fame as much as she can, but queerty giving her all this attention , and who’s fucken idea was it to create a flow chart of her failed marriages?( that must have taken some investigative work! that’s time you’re never getting back buddy!) We all know she is a hypocrite, and she is no different from all the religious self righteous hypocrite bigots, so why care so much about her personal life? Who cares about this bitch! Let it goooooo. It makes you looks petty chasing after her like hound dogs, she’s in jail now , the law took care of it. Let her believe whatever the fuck she wants, its not like she can do anything to harm the gay community anymore! stop feeding her attention!

  • JustAimee


    Please don’t lump ALL of KY together with Mrs Davis! I’m so proud to be born and raised in the rolling hills of Kentucky. It’s a beautiful place to live and by far the friendliest state I’ve ever seen, at least in my experience. Now granted as Mrs Davis shows so publicly, there are some idiots from here. As I assume there are a few in every state! Anyway, we are not all cousins, we all don’t marry our cousins, we are not all inbred. I’m a very proud bleeding heart liberal who happens to be from KY. I absolutely am against what Mrs Davis is trying to do, I support equal rights for EVERYONE, I’m a huge same sex marriage supporter, and I am VERY outspoken against what she’s done, against racism, against bigotry, and the far right conservative Christians. I absolutely support the constitution, the separation of church and state, religious freedom, and the legalization of same sex marriage. I will condemn Mrs Davis’s actions forever, but will not condemn her as a human being–it’s not my place. And I would never stoop to the level of name calling or talking about her appearance. I live my life by the Golden Rule: treats others as you would want to be treated, always!!
    Anyway, my point is PLEASE don’t see all of us Kentuckians as one in the same. Thank you!!!!

  • Billysees

    I…must be obedient to…the Word of God, Davis once wrote.

    Then why isn’t she obedient to Romans 13:1-5?

    1. Everyone must submit to governing authorities. For all authority comes from God, and those in positions of authority have been placed there by God.

    2. So anyone who rebels against authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and they will be punished.

    3. For the authorities do not strike fear in people who are doing right, but in those who are doing wrong. Would you like to live without fear of the authorities? Do what is right, and they will honor you.

    4. The authorities are God’s servants, sent for your good. But if you are doing wrong, of course you should be afraid, for they have the power to punish you. They are God’s servants, sent for the very purpose of punishing those who do what is wrong.

    5. So you must submit to them, not only to avoid punishment, but also to keep a clear conscience.


    Read this for more —

  • Esteban1971

    Orange lettering on baby blue? Gawd, I thought our people knew something about color coordination!

  • captainburrito

    So basically she is a zealot to overcompensate for her past? Instead of just concentrating on her own personal life though it is always easier to make others conform to rules than to reform yourself.

  • Cathy Milne

    @David Adier: That is a fricking scary statement! First, Huckabee as president is a terrifying prospect and second that a backwoods hick like Davis could even be considered anything but a first lady! Perhaps a better title would be Lady Injustice -her codename could be – my oath lies!

  • Cathy Milne

    @Ima Tiered:
    I don’t deny others their rights. Ms. Davis refused to allow her deputies to administer any same-sex marriage licenses. She took an oath to uphold the Constitution of the U.S. and violated that oath. She was not released from jail until her deputies began to comply with the law- BTW one of her deputies is her son. Now she is allowing them to continue but is refusing to have her name on the licenses issued to same-sex couples.

    I imagine I am like you. I read Queerty to understand what others think not to agree with everything they do.

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