Kim Davis Spends First Day Back Hiding In Guarded Office With Blinds Drawn; Fetal Position Suspected

Much ado has been made about Kim Davis returning to work this morning, where she is essentially abstaining from performing a portion of her sworn duties.

You can read more about the “seemingly impossible choice” between following her god’s law or the law of we meager humans here (spoiler alert: it is not seemingly impossible in any way).

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But for any of her coworkers or the general public who needs to reach the county clerk today, access may be a bit tough.

That’s because K.D. has holed herself up in her office and drawn the blinds. Then there’s that armed sheriff’s deputy posted outside.

We have no doubt she’s in there contemplating how she’ll best serve the people of Rowan County, Kentucky.

Or, you know, curled up in a ball hiding from this enormous mess she’s created for absolutely no reason.

This brings new meaning to “lack of transparency”:

Screenshot 2015-09-14 12.05.14

Though to be fair, the office has changed a bit since Kim stirred the pot: