Kim Kardashian BFF/Publicist Jonathan Cheban Pretends to Sue Kris Humphries for Calling Him Gay

jonathan-cheban-gayJust a few weeks ago, it was Kris Humphries who left Kim Kardashian because he was gay. Now accusations of fagginess are being thrown in a different direction.

Jonathan Cheban, to the uninitiated, is Kim’s BFF/publicist and a fellow fame whore for E!. The rather femme fellow—who most of us just assumed was a homo—actually says he’s not, and is ready to throw down the gauntlet now that it’s been revealed Kris calls him gay on an upcoming episode of Kourtney and Kim Take New York. (Sunday nights at 10pm on E! Don’t miss it!)

The gauntlet, by the way, is a $5 million defamation lawsuit.

Now, isn’t it a little homophobic to say that your good reputation has been ruined because a dumb basketball player called you gay? Haven’t we ditched the idea that being thought of as a homosexual will ruin someone’s career—especially a Hollywood publicist? We can’t see this making it to court—and Chaban knows it. It’s just more fuel for his fame machine. This is the man, after all, who got flour-bombed outside Kim’s New York boutique with TMZ conveniently poised/tipped off to capture the action.

Everyone we’ve talked to, from high-powered editors to casual fans to fellow publicists, thought Cheban was  a sister. The one time we met him, there were practically rainbows shooting out of his ears. But a friend of Cheban tells RadarOnline otherwise. “The bottom line is he’s not gay.”

Funny way to phrase it.

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Image via E! Entertainment