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Kimberly Guilfoyle enrages MAGA mob with weird birthday message to Eric Trump featuring Bambi’s mom

Kimberly Guilfoyle standing between Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump on a balcony.

Kimberly Guilfoyle is officially persona non grata in Trumplandia.

Don Jr.’s finacée managed to piss off her own followers with her birthday message to her future brother-in-law, Eric Trump, who turned 39 last week.

“Wishing @erictrump the happiest of birthdays! You are a wonderful father to Luke and Carolina, husband to @laraleatrump, brother and friend to all who know and love you! Here’s to the absolute best 2023!” Guilfoyle posted across her social media channels.

The happy birthday wishes included several photos, including one of Eric, Kimberly, and Don Jr. posing in a field alongside a deer they had just shot dead. In the picture, Don Jr. is seen propping the lifeless animal’s head up for the camera.

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Regardless of you feel about hunting animals for sport, you can’t deny that this is a really, really weird photo to use to celebrate someone’s birthday.

That said, Guilfoyle has never demonstrated particularly wise judgement when it comes to, frankly, anything, but especially when it comes to photography.

Commenters were not pleased with the dead deer photo, including several members of the MAGA klan.

“I love all of you, but I don’t like posting of the poor dead animals!” one person on Instagram wrote. “I am against hunting–I don’t understand how people can pose with these poor animals who have just been killed.”

“I support your father [in law], always have, but if you killed that beautiful animal, something is inherently wrong with you. It’s not a sport when only one of you is armed #You’veJustBecomeADick,” another added.

“Do what you do. But please don’t show me a beautiful dead animal and post a family photo op next to it!! Sick. And sad,” a third person remarked.

They were even more upset on Twitter…

Please have a professional work in your makeup and hair. You look like a hooked. By the way, I am MAGA but am embarrassed for the Trump family every time your on camera!

— Gloria Plunkett (@GloriaPlunkett) January 6, 2023

How does killing a poor defenseless animal makes you smile is beyond me!

— Tony G (@el_loboloco7) January 7, 2023

Like the birthday wishes…..not so much the dead Bambi picture…….

— Mike Kujawski (@MikeKujawski4) January 6, 2023

It’s not just the MAGA militia Guilfoyle appears to be on the outs with right now. Her future in-laws reportedly don’t particularly care for her either, according to several different media outlets.

In addition to being cropped out of the family photo by Ivanka Trump at Tiffany Trump’s wedding back in November, former Trump spokesperson Stephanie Grisham (ugh) says former first lady Melania Trump (double ugh) isn’t a huge fan of Kimmy either.

According to Grisham, Melania thinks Guilfoyle latched onto the Trump family for clout, and if there’s one thing that pisses her off most it’s “people profiting off of her husband, or her family.”

“When you consider how much Jason Miller has made off of the Trump family, or, you know, Kimberly Guilfoyle demanded $60,000 just to introduce the president the day of the rally, it was things like that that bothered her,” Grisham said, referring to the $60,000 payment Guilfoyle received for a three-minute speech ahead of Trump’s failed coup on January 6, 2021.

Guilfoyle and Don Jr. started dating when he was still married to his first wife, Vanessa, in 2018. The couple officially got engaged on December 31, 2020, one week before Donald Trump’s failed coup.

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