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Kimberly Guilfoyle slams Nancy Pelosi for having too much plastic surgery and… well… awkward!

It’s been a minute since we’ve heard from Kimberly Guilfoyle and, honestly, we were fine with that.

But last night, Donald Trump Jr.’s fiancé dialed into Newsmax from her messy home office to air her grievances about a variety of topics she believes are important, including Nancy Pelosi‘s face.

In a rant to Rob Schmitt, 53-year-old Guilfoyle blasted 82-year-old Pelosi for allegedly having too much plastic surgery.

“Where is the journalism these days?” she asked before ripping into CNN host Andrea Mitchell’s recent sit-down with the Speaker, saying, “Pelosi lying what’s left of her face about Biden’s accomplishments … It’s a freak show! It’s fight night!”

A freak show? Fright night? That’s rich coming from the lady behind this terrifying GIF…

Honestly, we couldn’t care less what cosmetic procedures Nancy Pelosi has (or has not) had done to her face. As long as she keeps acting like a boss, like we saw in those dramatic tapes recorded on January 6 that were released last week, she can have all the Botox and fillers she wants.

Now, here at Queerty, we don’t support punching down on a person’s looks, even when the person is an extreme right wing bigot like Guilfoyle who uses her platform to lodge unprovoked attacks on others. So, we won’t! Instead, we’ll take a look at how others have been responding.

As Donald Trump himself might say, “many people” on Twitter are saying “many things”…

Fun fact: In a past last life, prior to her engagement to Donald Trump Jr., Guilfoyle was actually married to California Governor and vocal anti-Trumper Gavin Newsom.

During an interview late last month, the rumored 2024 presidential hopeful was asked by MSNBC’s Alex Wagner whether he is still in communication with his radicalized ex-wife, to which he responded, “Nope. Not lately.”

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When Wagner commented that Guilfoyle’s connection with the Trumps “must be weird” for him, Newsom responded, “Yeah, of course.”

He added, “I mean, we had an interesting, not as combative relationship. Even though we went at it on a lot of issues, we also found ways to get along.”

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