Kimberly Guilfoyle lookalike says she was discriminated against by TSA for attending pro-Trump boat party

Close-ups of Ceci Truman from her Instagram Live video.
Screengrabs via @ceci_truman on Instagram

This week, a newly discovered species of MAGA congressional candidate went on a Karen-style rant against airport security and got a reaction she likely wasn’t prepared for.

California candidate Ceci Truman, who is currently running for U.S. Congress in California’s 25th district, took to social media on Tuesday to reveal how the evil liberals of the Dallas Love Field airport are conspiring against her. Seeing a quadruple “S” marking on her boarding pass indicating extra security screening was simply too much for the almost-politician to bear.

Her reasoning? Well, she’d just attended a conservative event (a pro-Trump boat party), so any inconvenience she experienced at the airport (what she calls “harassment by our federal bureau”) afterward must be the work of conspirators on the left.

“I went to a boat rally in Florida,” she explains in the video. “Some of the Trump family members were supposed to be there and they had to back out for security reasons at the last moment. But the extended family was there. Other notable people were there as well.”

“As a candidate for Congress, this should not be happening.”

The intro snippet to her rant did numbers over on Twitter:

The full video is a good eight times as long as this snippet, mostly of her filming airport workers and TSA employees just trying to do their jobs.

With low follower counts on her main pages, she definitely was looking to get extra attention through this hissy fit. She got that attention and more — but probably not in the way she wanted.

Plenty of new eyes are on her, but they really wish they weren’t:

The TSA has, in fact, been known to profile and more heavily monitor certain groups of people. Those groups do not include “filler-plumped conservative Californians”, but try telling Ceci that.