Kindergarten Cop On Patrol Against Tolerance

Queerty is sending out a big, sloppy, embarrassing, public drag queen kiss to Arnold Schwarzenegger. Just one month after firing a deadly Nazi torpedo into the heart of a bill that would have normalized marriage for gays in California, the Republican enemy invited Laura Schlessinger to speak at the 19th Annual Conference on Women and Families in Long Beach. The Schwarzenegger-Schlessinger axis is an established stronghold of contemporary prejudice; Schlessy is known to have a framed poster of Linda Hamilton in The Terminator.

Happy Easter

Schlessy, of course, has a nightmare history of making bigoted remarks against LGBT and other living things. The dyed-blonde, poodle-haired monster calls herself “Doctor,” but you should only entrust yourself to her care if you don’t give a flying Chanel pump about your well-being. Schlessy’s own mother, for example, was found in a room after having been dead in it four months.

Schlessy went through a humiliation in October, 1998 when the ClubLove website posted nudie pics of her, including a money shot, taken in the past by an admirer. The event made all her prudish pronouncements ring as hollow as a 99 cent store dildo. No LGBT representatives were invited to that family conference, fyi; thanks Arnie, you’re a love!