‘King & King’ Becomes A Royal Headache

Being a kid is so complicated these days! Parents in Massachusetts have their undies in a big bundle after a teacher read gay-themed fairy tale King & King to his elementary school class. Apparently there is a law that parents must be alerted before any issue concerning sexuality is discussed in class; but the teacher cites Massachusetts’ (that word is so hard to type!) legalization of gay marriage as a mainstream issue, making the book appropriate for everyone in the state. king200.jpeg

But while books like Heather Has Two Mommies are meant to educate, written with much more blunt language, is King & King really about sexuality? Or is it just a story? We tend to side with the latter. Sleeping Beauty isn’t about sexuality either, and that story has a hot guy mackin’ on a girl in a coma. That’s twisted, if you think about it. But there’s no need to even go there. People need to chill out.

Says the President of the Parents Rights Coalition: “It’s just so heinous and objectionable that they would do this…I wouldn’t be surprised if in the next couple of weeks there was some kind of (legal) action taken.” Dum dum DUUUUUUM!

Speaking of naughty chilren’s books: Standing Up is a must-read. Not that either book has anything to do with each other. We just like the pee book a lot and wanted to plug it here. It’s hilarious.

The Malcontent–who seems to be our one-stop shop for videos these days–has footage of The View‘s ladies debating the big scandal. Or at least, trying to debate with Elizabeth Hasselbeck present, but there’s only so much you can accomplish with her hamster-wheel brain. Meredith Viera has the best line when she tells the squabbling cronies to “shut up, already.” That show is going to suck when she leaves.

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