King Of The Gay World

20051006_Mr. Gay.gif

No gay man needs a reason to gawk at a dozen hunky half-naked men. But we’re given one anyway this weekend and it comes in the form of a fag-filled beauty pageant. Eight guys from all over the world will wrestle for the title of Mr. Gay International. Well, it’s more like eight guys from only two different continents. And five are from the U.S., and that number itself will dwindle down to one. But who’s counting? We all know what truly matters is the bathing suit competition. The organizers are one-upping that. Contestants will be parading around in hot Ginch Gonch underwear.

If you can’t be one of the lucky 300 horndogs to watch these himbos humiliate themselves live in Palms Springs, don’t worry. Q Television is airing it as it happens this Saturday night. Somehow, even with all of the naked male flesh we doubt this could be more entertaining than our favorite drag queen-wannabe beauty pageant, Miss America.

As for our personal fave, we’re undecided over Instinct cover clone San Francisco or blue-eyed Bosnia. But we’re also so very tempted to pick Lappland. Last time we were there it was absolute lapping heaven. Oh, wait, Lappland is a COUNTRY…